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Setting up the wedding registry is an area where a broad range of emotions and expectations are very common. Some couples find themselves a bit timid and uncomfortable when considering the thought of asking friends and family to give them specific presents. While other couples find themselves feeling like kids at Christmas and lavish in the opportunity to register for anything and everything their hearts desire.

It is often good to remember that the wedding registry can be one of the most helpful things that you can establish for your guests. Typically a thoughtful wedding registry will consist of items in a broad range of prices. This will help everyone find something that they know you will like and fits perfectly into their own budget. The wedding registry allows friends and family to commemorate your celebration without worrying about what you need or want or if you will be getting the same thing from 10 other people.

When planning your bridal registry you should first take some time to consider where you plan on living after the wedding and what items you would ideally like to have fill your home. The purpose of a gift registry is to help a newly married couple get a head start to their new lives together by filling their home with all of life's little necessities and nice-to-haves.

When it comes to wedding gift registry necessities the best approach is to go room by room and make a list of things that you need to fit the functions of daily life. Bedding, linens, furniture, lighting, decorations, cookware, dishes, and every conceivable kitchen utensil... the list goes on, but it is a good and necessary list to make before actually creating your bridal gift registry for any specific store.

Once you have your list of wedding registry items that you know you will need it is time to begin actually creating your wedding registry with specific stores. Do yourself a huge favor and create at least one wedding registry at a store that is typically way out of your normal budget as well as a wedding registry at a more modest locations. That way everyone will have the opportunity to find an item on your wedding registry that they can afford, while anyone who is moved to give you something really special will be able to do so with something that you will truly enjoy.