How to Change Your Name After Marriage

by Kim Forrest

Changing your name after wedding

Making the decision on whether or not to change your name post-marriage is a very personal one. If you decide to move forward with switching your last name, there’s no need to get overwhelmed – take things one task at a time. Here’s the order in which you should make the transition.

Step One: Get Your Hands on Your Marriage License
When you’re applying for your marriage license, you’ll need to tell the clerk if you’re planning on changing your name. Once you receive the actual document, you’ll be able to move forward with changing your name legally.

Step Two: Change Your Social Security Card
Your name isn’t “officially” changed until it’s switched on your Social Security Card. Once you have your marriage license, head to your local Social Security Office or mail in your application.

Step Three: Passport, Driver’s License and More
After your new Social Security Card is in hand, you can fill out the paperwork to change your name on your driver’s license, passport, credit cards, bills, and more.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming for you, there are services out there to help. For example, Miss Now Mrs compiles all the forms and notification letters you need and can fill them out in a flash so you don’t have to keep writing out your name, address, etc., over and over again. Want to learn more about changing your name? Click here to get started!

Posted on March 18, 2014