Would a clear (plastic) back bra show through a lace dress?
Given my need for support and the challenges of my dress (see picture of back), the best bra option seems to be something with a clear plastic back, eg http://www.herroom.com/the-natural-2107s-seamless-clear-back-bra.shtml. I could even add plastic bra straps, I'm pretty sure.

My hesitation, however, is that the plastic back and straps could be noticeable through the lace!

I don't mind ordering something to try it out, but I thought I would ask for input before before I go to the time and expense of ordering. Any advice?

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I think that they might show slightly, but more because sometimes they're a bit shiny. If you could find some that were a matte kind of finish as opposed to a normal shiny plastic, it might be better.

Either way I don't think that it would take away from, or ruin, the beautiful lace effect on the back of your dress. No one will notice the straps, you'll be the only one who thinks about them.

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I think it will be noticable.

Those stick on bra things really work wonders, have you tried them? Not sure what size you are, but I'm a DD and have a style similar to this and never had a problem.


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Yes, it will show, especially when flash highlights it. Sorry. Can you get bra cups sewn in?

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Wendy - Unfortunately I need more support than the cups provide. I was hoping that a clear-backed bra might be the solution, but I'm probably going to need either a bra with a low back or an adhesive bra.
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I"ve seen some really supportive low back bras, the back is around your waist and the front is almost like a long-line corset. What about an adhesive plus sewn-in cups?

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Wendy - Thanks. I think the low back bra would be perfect if I can find one that matches the cut of the dress. The adhesive cups route might be good too, although I don't want to seem excesiively "endowed."

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Yes, it will show, I'm afraid.

If you have to wear a bra, then the best choice is a low back longline bra, in my opinion. I would not go the adhesive route.

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Have you talked to someone about alterations? It looks like you have a white strap around each shoulder area, and they could be used to add support to a wired cup built into the dress. With the added support of the straps, you could be set.

FYI, this is exactly why I'm going to make sure the dress I choose has or can have a corset added. Lol.

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The "strap" isn't exactly a strap. It's the seam where parts of the dress are sewn together.

Regarding alterations, all I know is that I was instructed to buy a bra in advance of having them done!

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Victoria secrets has a convertible that works with a low back
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