"Words of Advice" cards / basket
I can't remember who it was, but I remember a bride doing little cards on the tables so guests could leave notes, words of advice, etc. The bride then had a basket where guests could drop their notes.

Has anyone done this? Was it a hit?

Also, what would be the cheapest way on VP to do this? Nothing glossy so guests can write on them.

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I did this! We loved it! We just read throught the responses the other day and we laughed so much! I can get pictures up in a few days once I get the CD from our photographer. A friend of mine made a monogram with different ocean themes for us to put at the top and then I just used Word to place that and the question. We had 15 different questions/statments and had a variety at each table. I bought cardstock in our colors then brought it all to Staples to have it printed. I'd say it was less than $5 to do it. (Bought paper at Michael's for 1/2 off and black printing at Staples is cheap.)
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Hayley C™
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Didn't do it, but to answer part II,

business cards, free note pad, You can do the 100 free postcards, have an image or poem on the front glossy side and they can write on the back.

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I would caution against the business cards. There isn't much room to write on there and some of our responses were long!

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My fiance helped me this this project. I'm obsessed about skeleton keys so mine were,
"the keys to a successful marriage."

If you PM I can send you the template later. I printed them out on 4x6 blank index cards.

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I did this and had the guests put them in the card box. It was a way to use the card box without me feeling like it was only there for the purpose of people giving me cash...

We used VP rack cards for our paper and they were free :) with a link that Hayley posted.

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I always liked this idea, didn't know if I would have time to do this too! I think I will have enough time this week to do it. My help doesn't get here until next week so I am just finishing up some little details on my DIY's that I have already done.
Question. Do you put these on there plates at every seat or just a stack on the welcome table by the box you plan on putting them in?
I think we also will use our card box for this, serve two purposes. Great idea!

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I'm putting mine by our guestbook. Later I will scrapbook them.

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We had ours scattered around the venue. By the bar, by the guest book, on the tables.........the responses are great!!! I definitely suggest doing it! :)

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@Lala, what kinds of questions did you have? I was just going to put something generic like words of wisdom for the bride and groom blah blah, but I like the idea of different questions!

Hayley C™
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- how do you know the bride/groom?
- special wishes for us
- any advice for the newlyweds?
- your favorite bride/groom memory?
- Memories of this day: what would you like the newlyweds to remember most about this day?
-what do you see us doing in ten years?
"Your Special Wishes for Us"
"Words of Wisdom"
"Three things you have learned from the Celebrated Couple"
"Advise for the Newlyweds"
"Favorite Memories
"Your first memory of US"
*Funniest Memory of the Bride/Groom
*Most Memorable Thing About the Bride/Groom
*What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of the bride/groom?

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@Kimber-trying to win a contest to be on the cover of a magazine! lol Let me finish blasting that all over FB and then I'll go get the cards and tell you what we had! :)

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Here is what our cards read:
Love is never having to......
Where should we go on date night?
Where should we go for our 10 year anniversary?
Always remember to.....
What advice would you give the bride about the groom? The groom about the bride?
What do you think we should remember most about our wedding day? What will you remember most?
After an argument, always make sure to....
The secret to a great marriage is.....
Please share your favorite memory of the bride and/or groom.

I thought we had more but that was it! Like I said, we got some great answers! Some that made us cry, some that made us laugh!

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Lala, great questions! I really love this idea.
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