and should i spray paint the basket black. (flip flops are black)

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Not Haley, but for our's we are doing:

Here's a treat
for your dancing feet

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yours is just as great

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i thought about spraypainting some things black for the wedding too..just worried if it will still smell like spraypaint at the wedding!lol.no idea!

"Dance around in your pretty shoes and never miss a beat, but when they ache, just take a break, and wear these on your feet"

"Bought new shoes to match your dress & now your feet are sore?
Please help yourself to a pair of these so you can dance some more!"

"Here's a treat for dancing feet"

those are some i found for flip flop baskets for reception dancing.now if your having a DW at a beach..then i dont know!

and lol Haley rules!
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What about having the basket match your colors?

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"Flip flops for you to keep"

Hayley C™
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@ Ambi ~ thanks.
Here is some more.

Just a little treat
for your tired dancing feet


Help yourself to a pair of dancing shoes
and leave your excuses under the table.


If you feet are hurting,
or they are feeling sore
Grab yourself some flip-flops,
and head back out on the dance floor.
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I love the flip-flop idea for weddings! So many feet are hurting by the time the dancing starts I encourage all of my clients to do the flip flop basket! Here is a sample of what we did!

PS. Love the wording Hayley!

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How many sizes of each colour should you buy? I mean if you have 100 women invited, you wouldent buy 100 pairs....would you?
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Hi Sam,

When I buy the flip flops I try to look at who would be staying late enough into the night to use the flip flops, so the entire bridal party, and depending on the crows's age and usual activity level (do they usually party, what kind of entertainment are you having, do your friends like to dance?) I get around 70% of the total number of women I suppose would use these because there will always be people who don't show up or don't want to use the shoes! Hope this helps! :)

I just Love the photo below! It's not one of mine but they had a beach wedding and use them as the escort cards/favors for everyone attending! :)

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thanks girls

Rachel W.
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where are you ladies finding the flip flops and baskets? I mean cheap ones!

Hayley C™
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assorted patterns/colors and sizes
48 for $57

Maybe check Hobby Lobby,? I was able to buy them (feb) for $1 per for my girls and I had a March wedding.

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Old Navy usually has their sale once a year as well for flip flops 1$ a piece. Our Old Navy had their sale the weekend of the 21st of May.

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I am going to put on the basket a sign that reads " Dancing Shoes".

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great ideas!!!! I was hoping for slipper like ones, cause its a night fall wedding

Hayley C™
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@ sabrina
2d Bride got a great deal on her's.... check them out on this discussion

- see if they have any others, this exact one is sold out except size 20? I think... "we got the Chinese cotton Mary Janes from two sources. We got "Defected [sic] White Cotton Mary Janes" from China Direct Store ( http://www.chinadirectstore.com/clearance4.htm ).

The ad says that they each have a minor stain, but we never found any stains. We also got ones in various colors from this ad on OLX." ( http://oldbridge.olx.com/mary-jane-kung-fu-shoes-1-dozen-iid-85375904 ) "
2nd one is still good, I think...

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Cortney, I LOVE that!

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Awesome..thanks so much!!!!

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I sprayed the baskets black and they look good, I think that I will lay some fabric sheet in them so they wont smell
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Thanks Snow! It's a great way to get guests a favor or in some cases escort card they can use all night!

Let me know what else you girls came up with!
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