Wood/Tree Cake/Cupcake Stand

Its been awhile since I've posted, but I know you all always come up with the best ideas and information

I am hoping that some of you may know where I can find some of the wooden tree cupcake stands. Its like a slice of wood from a tree. I am hoping the picture I am attaching shows up, and everyone can see what I am talking about. I have found a few on etsy at a reasonable price, but am just wondering if any of you know where else I can find these. Everywhere else I look they are very expensive. Thank you!!!

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Contact a local tree trimming service & ask if they'll cut them for you. I have a storage bldg loaded with sliced logs that my husband cut for me last year in various sizes - those smaller ones in the pic are just branches. All it takes is a felled tree and someone handy with a chain saw; as in your pic there are a few that are not going to be absolutely flat - these can be evened out by wedging underneath w/ tabs of cardboard. Be aware that some of the slices will split as they dry out.

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I was also going to suggest www.save-on-crafts.com

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It is a DIY instructions... but maybe they would make them for you?
I'll keep looking...

another with what looks like simpler instructions.

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I am having a rustic wedding and the best prices for things like this seem to be on saveoncrafts.

They have cute personalized ones on etsy for a few dollars more,

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Hello, My mom made ours. You need someone that can operate a chainsaw and cut a pretty flat slices & stumps, wood glue, long screws and a drill & drill bit.

And a sander and sand paper.

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we are making ours as well, we have a cabin up north so most of our decor came from the woods lol.

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We also are making ours...luckily I own a chainsaw and the mountains are not far. Always a fallen tree around! Then some sand paper or even just a level and you are set...

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Thank you everyone. I think we may attempt to DIY these, and we will see from their.

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