woke up sick 2 days before wedding! help!
So I woke up this morning with a cold - sore throat yesterday let me know it was coming on! Ive been taking airborne and such to ward it off but here it is! any home remedies anyone has that helps quick? I know there isnt anything but time to make it go away- but im desparate! Ive been drinking lots of water and resting so far but i have my nail appt today and tomorrow is packed with activities!

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Hm, well, when I start getting sick, I drink buckets of green tea. And I try to sleep a little extra, which I know is practically impossible when your wedding is two days away.

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Zinc...go to the pharmacy and buy "Coldeze". SUCK don't chew them, a few a day. The zinc lines your nasal passages which makes it inhospitable for viruses. I have stopped a couple colds before they started, and it also lessens the time of a cold if it's already there!

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My husband swears by cold-eeze. They are a zinc lozenge. I personally do not like the taste. But he swears it helps you get better faster. I hope this helps and I hope you will wake up feeling just fine on your wedding day! :)

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Awww I hope you feel better. Someone told me one to drink a hot toddy. I've never tried it but it might be worth a try.

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Zinc, Echinacea (I think that's how it's spelled), Tylenol cold with cool burst for night time, hot tea, REST, REST, REST---do your nail appointment today and just drink like you've never drank clear fluids before and sleep as much as humanely possible.

Hope you feel better love!

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yeah Rebecca, they aren't the tastiest thing...I hunt down the strawberry cream ones, they are the most tolerable to me. And I mean hunt! Not all walgreens carry that flavor, so I have to to wallgreens hopping, lol.

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Vitamin C tablets - build up your immunity
Green tea and lemon
Warm lemon water
Gargle warm salty water - helps kill throat infections
Eat oranges/mandarins - vitamin C
Exercise - i've heard you can exercise colds out
Keep rugged up - to help your body repair and not get sick again
Early nights every night
Vicks vapour
And lots and lots of water - flush it out

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NeilMed sinus rinse!! (This company should pay me now.) It's like a neti pot, but easier to use. It's a plastic squeeze bottle. Takes some getting used to but REALLY helps.

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Do all the meds everyone else recommended, keep chugging the fluids (water, green tea, juice loaded with Vitamin C) and get extra sleep, try to cram in a nap today and tomorrow. Hopefully on wedding day you'll be super energized and won't notice the cold =).

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I think its nerves I got wicked sick 2 days before my wedding and I was too busy to notice lol but the first day of the honeymoon I sounded like a 12 year old boy going through the change lol

Shannon S.
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I would see a doctor, in case it's the flu (which can be treated with Tamiflu) or a sinus infection (which can be treated with antibiotics). No point suffering if there's something a doctor can do.

Other than that, hydrate, rest, and more rest.

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Other than going to doc like Shannon suggested the cold ease works and I use the Airborn anytime I even think I'm getting sick. I drink lots of water to help flush my system. Everyone has given you great tips. REST!!! I really hope you feel better soon

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What Shannon said. I got sick like that last week. Turns out it was a sinus infection not a cold! So see the doc now then do what the other ladies have suggested. I'll be praying for you and all the rest of us 10/1 brides!

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i would say go see a doc, dont rely on home remedy's this close to your wedding. go to cvs and visit the minute clinic. just like a regular doctor office with out the wait. i love them.

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I'm with most others....
Zinc Losenges
Lots of Water
Vitamin C tablets (i wouldn't recommend orange juice if your throat hurts because the acids might not help that)

I you are still feeling bad the day before, go to the doc and see if they will give a steroid shot!

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CAREFUL when taking Zinc ... I made the mistake of taking it on an empty stomach...oh man...talk about getting WORSE...I was puking all over the place, when previously it hadn't been a symptom.
This is literally my worst nightmare! I hope you can fight it off by the end of today!
Good thoughts your way!
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