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I am looking for a unique venue that would be pretty for a winter time wedding in Boston. I am thinking we will have about 175 people and don't want to completely break the bank. I have been looking quite a bit online and find beautiful spring, summer and fall pictures but not anything great for winter. Help!

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congrats! hubby and i got married on September 29 at the boston public gardens. Obviously our ceremony was in september and much warmer then when your wedding would be, but it might be a nice spot to take your pictures in between your ceremony and reception. im trying to attach images of the gardens in winter, but it would probably be easier if you googled it. here are a few from our wedding. good luck

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Welcome to the WeddingWire Community @Laura!

I encourage you to try getting 'recommended' vendors here on WeddingWire! Based on your answers to a few questions (budget, number of guests, location, etc.), the system will automatically populate a list of possibilities that will fit your needs.

To start:
-Go to 'My Wedding' and click 'My Vendors'
-Click the 'Recommended Vendors' tab

This should help you get a better idea of your options! You can also search directly from our homepage at for 'Venue' vendors in your area.

Good luck! :)

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Hi Laura, We're getting married at Hamilton Hall in Salem, MA. It is beautiful there in the winter and the historic site is reminiscent of a winter ball. Our second choice was Colonial Hall followed by the much cheaper Hawthorne Hotel, also in Salem.

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Hi Laura,
We got married Labor Day in topsfield, Mac at willowdale estate. I know they also do winter weddings

State room would be beautiful because you can look out to the winter wonderland, but it is expensive.

Also Hampshire house in beacon hill is lovely. It really depends on your style
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