Wine bottle centerpiece ideas that aren't "Lady & The Tramp" candles!
My FH and I are wine drinkers and for months he's been saving the old bottles(I have no idea why) and today I found them in the garage and thought "hmm, I should make my centerpieces out of these.: I all ready have a lot, easy to get and when I'm done with them I can recycle them-no one has to take them home!" but every search I've done for ideas has the same results: candles coming out of bottle. That's a nice look for Italian restaurants but not so much for our late August, outdoor wedding. I appreciate any ideas and suggestions.

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How about having the tops cut off of them and then using them as a vase for flowers. Just make sure to cover all sharp edges!

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Or another idea: you could wrap the bottles in fall themed fabric or paper and have some branches coming out the top or flowers that you like

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I have some pictures of just those ideas on my blog.

If you decide to go with the cut glass, one of my links takes you to a how-to.

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I think this is really cute really considering this for my wedding...

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Thank you ladies so much for the insight! I think I will talk to my FH about cutting the tops of the bottles off. I actually thought about doing the lights inside the bottle but I don't have access to outlets to plug them in.
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there's also a way of making the wine bottles into lanterns with lantern tops. You can buy the glass top and the wick that dangles in the center of the bottle and then you fill the bottl up with kerosene. gives the romantic light without the tacky candles.

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Luxe Events
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You could also use the bottles as your table numbers and then put your escort cards in wine corks. Here is a link for custom wine labels:
Here is a blog link on wine cork escort card holders:
Congratulations and good luck! Please feel free to email us with questions at

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Luxe Events
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I am not sure why the custom wine labels link did not display correctly but here it is: wine labels'&order=date_desc&ship_to=.


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If you were thinking of light the bottles - you can use a floralyte LED light suspended inside. You may be able to source these at a craft store - but you can also purchase them at ... that would be really fun!
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How about a ring of flowers at the base of the bottle! Blooms and curley-willow at the opening..Place colores winecorks and small blooms scattered on the table..
Good Luck!

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Taggin along with the curly willow in the opening, you could use tree branches as well and tie stuff such as beads/ornaments etc with string. If you need cheap votives with the holders I would check out Got a 144 candles with blue votive holders for $60.

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I saw this idea in Martha Stewart Weddings recently for using wine bottles as your table numbers and thought they looked amazing! :-) bottle table numbers

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Wow, I never knew that there were so many ways to dress up wine bottles! Thank you all so much for the great ideas.

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i dont remember what website it was but it was one of those personalized ones. But they had candles that looked jsut like corks. they were so cute. i bet you could google for them.

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Hello! Check out this cute and unique! I think they would make incredible centerpieces.

I'm thinking of using them for mine! So cute.
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