Who wears boutonnieres?
I am guessing that the groom, grooms men, parents of the bride, and parents of the groom wear boutonnieres. But do the ushers, grandparents, or anyone else wear them? I am making them myself but I am unsure as to how many to make. Should the family's be different from the wedding party? Thanks for your advice!

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I'm also making my own and I'm including the ushers and grandparents. I don't think I'm including aunts and uncles though b/c that will be to many people. I think each person does what they like b/c I know some people who included most of the family.
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Most people include what you said, and also the readers. Usually the groomsmen/ushers are the same, with the grooms being different. As far as grandparents and parents, sometimes they're the same, sometimes not. If there are any grandmothers and/or mothers, those are different as well. The women's boutonnieres are a little bigger, and have a wrist band so they can choose to pin it to their shirt or jacket, or wear them on their wrist.

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Chelsey here is the list of people that i am providing boutonnieres and corsages for.

1. Groom, Best Man, Groomsmen, Both Fathers, All Grandfathers, any brothers not included in wedding party.
1.Both Mothers, All Grandmothers, any sisters not included in wedding party

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I agree with the above responses. Everyone in your wedding party, including the bride and groom's immediate family (mom, dad, brother, sister, grandparents) should all receive special corsages or boutonnieres. I do think that the family should receive different ones from your wedding party though. Think maybe the same colors but maybe darker or lighter and different flowers!

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