Who walks with who?
So I know my BM will walk with the groomsman and my MOH is alking with Bestman, but who does my Matron of Honor walk with?

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I thought the Matron of Honor was the MOH? I'm confuse! Did I miss something?

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@ StankaMonsta you also have Maid of Honor

@Evelyne A. well for me my Maid of honors will be walking by themselves and the best man will walk down behind the groom don't have a matron of honor but they usually walk alone

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StankaMonsta, you can have both. A matron of honor is usually married and a maid of honor is not

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You could have your Best Man escort both the maid of honor and the matron of honor, one on each arm, or you could have your matron of honor walk by herself. There really is no right or wrong answer :)

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I agree with dragonfly726, have the best man walk with both of them or have her walk alone

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Help Im clueless, I would like to know if it really matters if the maid of honor is married are not I mean the person that I chose is my neice/bestfriend I know it's crazy but we grew up together only a year and 4 months a part and I really want her to stand by me through this, I couldn't find a better person, I know she could have been the matron of honor but my soon to be sister n law kind of threw her self out there to be M.O.H and I didn't want to be unfair cause I was in her wedding.

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@ Glenda R. well your maid of honor is not married and the Matron of honor is married so you can have your niece as your Maid of honor and your SIL as your matron of honor

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@ Future Mrs. St Hillaire, thats the things, my neice and my SIL is married. What do I do? I thought it was what ever the bride want?

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The Pastor will walk in with the Groom, and Best Man. The matron of honor will walk by herself. And the maid of honor will walk with a groomsmen along with the rest of the BMs. When they exit the Matron will then walk with the best man. It is whatever you want. At my friend (matron) wedding the Maid, and Matron both walked in by theirself. Just because their married does not mean they cant walk with anyone. Now if you did a wedding party slow dance that would be weird,lol!!!!

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My Matron of Honor (my sister) walked with the Best Man. Then, my other two bridesmaids both walked with their husbands who were groomsmen. I thought it would be weird to switch it up and not have them with their spouses.
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Maid of honor = Best Man
Bridesmaids = Groomsmen
Matron of Honor = Groomsmen ?? why not?

Do whatever you want girl

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@ GLENDA R. it is whatever the bride want it's all up to you really. I am not having a Matron of Honor but I am having 2 Maid of Honors only because I can't chose which they will be my sisters

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@ GLENDA R. - They would both be Matrons of Honour if they are both married. That doesn't mean that they both can't be just that, your Matrons of Honour. I know some people are having two Maids of Honour.

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@ Glenda - Matron of Honor is the title for a married person. Maid of Honor is the title for a single person. You can have two Maid of Honors, Two matron of honors, one of each, whatever you want. That is just the title.

If you have young flower girls or ring bearers you can have the Matron of Honor escort them down the aisle too.

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Ok so I will have two Matron of Honors, would this create conflict when it comes to doing things?

I hope not

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Glenda R it shouldn't cause conflict just them each separate duties so it wont cause a problem. Just let them know they both will be Matron of Honor

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I don't think there are specfic duties, they can each decide what they want to do

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@ Glenda.....Oh no....it shouldn't cause conflict. I have two MOH (One is a Maid and the other is a Matron). If your girls are as eager as mine are, then they will work together and be happy to participate in activities for your wedding.

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They walk in whatever order you want. We had our GMs and BMs walk in single file, because it seemed weird to me to pair up people who had never previously met. :-)

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My girls are walking in alone, while all the guys wait up front with FH and then will be escorted out by the guys. I'm excited because my 9 yr old nephew is escorting his mom (my sister) back down the aisle and he doesn't know it yet. It will make an awesome picture for them to treasure.
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