Who pays for groomsmen tuxedos?
I just found out my fiance has told his groomsmen, best man AND ushers that he will pay for their tuxes arrrgh!! Is this a groom's expense? I've never heard of this..that's very costly!

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The groomsmen, just as the bridesmaids pay for their dresses. Unless you can, they generally pay for thier own

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i think it depends on your financal situation...if you can i think its a really nice gesture..it does get pricy..i think it ended up being around 900 for our bridal party...my FH felt he should pay because he didnt want to burdon any of his buddies..

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For some reason, most grooms seem to want to pay for their groomsmen, especially if the wedding is not too fancy or not overbudget. My FH definitely did. He even got them very nice thank you gifts in addition. I think he went overboard and now I think he agrees with me too. He spent about $200 total for each GM.
I also paid for my BM dresses and also a cute gift. I spent about $120 each. They still paid for their own hair or makeup, but that was optional for them. We of course invited them and their dates to a nice rehearsal dinner also.
But consider that they will usually throw a nice bachelor/bridal shower and pay for overnight accommodations too.
Hmmm, if you go to M Wearhouse, for ever five basic rentals, the grooms rental is free---and the FH can pick out a different designer rental than the GM. It made a difference.

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I definitely am having our wedding party purchase the dress/rent tuxes!

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I read in a book that traditionally the groom's parents pay for it but our best man offered to pay for the rental of the tuxes/suits which I thought was very generous of him.

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Usually it seems to be the groomsmen who pay. My dad is paying for everyone, but it's only 3 tuxes, including his, so it's no biggie. (Small wedding.)


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The groomsmen pay. However, if your FH is feeling generous, I think it is a sweet gesture. If you're concerned about cost, he could pay for the rentals in lieu of a groomsmen gift.

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My FH wants to pay for his groomsmen. I had never heard of it, but he was in both their weddings and they paid for his. And according to my FH, tuxedo rentals aren't that expensive if you know where to go. I haven't decided if we're paying for my bridesmaids (not sure if it's in the budget...will probably be a decision we make later)--- On one hand, I'm letting them have a lot of say on the dresses and they are most likely going to be short black dresses, hopefully they can wear again. But on the other hand--2 out of 3 are traveling across the country, taking at least a week off work, and staying in a hotel just to be at our wedding--- so I feel like we should pay for something.

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9.99% of the time you do. I asked this same question a couple of months ago. (just to prove to my FH that I was right...lol) Unless it's their groomsmen Gift or you have tons of money to spend, they pay!

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My FH wanted to pay for his groomsmen's tuxes as well...until he did the math. So he decided to put down the deposit for all of them. The deposit alone cost us several hundred dollars and yes he still spent over a hundred on their groomsmen's gifts. I think he is getting carried away especially after the wedding I am doing the finaces so all the wedding debt will come to me.

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My fiance had his tux paid for in the 2 weddings he was in, so he's paying for the suit rentals for his groomsmen since those 2 grooms are his groomsmen! A tux rental is a lot cheaper than bridesmaids gowns so that's why groomsmen are covered and bridesmaids are not. I did cover my bridesmaids tho because I found a super cute dress on clearance for them!

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My undeerstanding is that normally the groomsmen will pay for their own but in these times we really don't want our friends spending alot of money on us. So we budgeted money for both the bridesmaids and the Groommens tuxes in case they don't have the money. So far everybody has been able to pay for their own. Maybe we'll come in under budget for our wedding. ha! ha!

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The GM offer to pay for their, own that was very generous of them I realy appreciated that because we runing on a tight budget.
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