Who is walking you down the aisle?
I wanted to get everyones opinions on this.... I am getting married in a catholic church and I know traditionally the father is the one who walks you down the aisle, however because my mother practically raised me by herself I decided to have both my father and my
Mother walk me down the aisle... What are your thoughts on this??

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Originally I was going to have both my parents walk me down the aisle for the same reason. My father ended up being a jerk and going back and forth on if he was even coming to the wedding so it ended up being just my mom walking me down the aisle.

Btw... if I had your mom, heck yeah she'd be walking me down the aisle! (yes, I'm another Carole lover :))

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I have seen that done several times :) I think it is wonderful. My 13 yr old son will be walking me down the aisle. My dad is not going to be at my wedding.... we are having a very small, informal ceremony with just our kids there..... also this is my second wedding. My dad did walk me down the aisle at my first wedding.

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Both of my parents are passed on so it will be my Uncle who I'm extremely close to. We however are not doing the "who gives this woman" schpeel. I say if your mom raised you give her the honor :)

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My dad will be the one who walks me down the aisle.

If you want to have your mom do it, go for it.

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I always pictured my father walking me down, very traditional, but recently my mom let it be known that she wants to walk me down the aisle. So, I will probably have both of them walk me down until we get to their seats where I'll leave them and have my daughter/MOH come and meet me there and walk me up to FH.

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I am having my dad and grandpa walk me down my grandpa is the one who raised me, So I say go for it!!!!!!!!

Honey B.
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I am having my dad walk me down the aisle. I see no problem with having both of them walk you down the aisle. Have you discuss this with your Priest?

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FH and I were planning to walk down the aisle together, until this weekend, it appears that this is causing quite a controversy with our friends and family so we're kinda reconsidering because FH cares, but as for me I couldn't care less, it's our wedding, we should be able to do what we want at our ceremony.

Princess Bride
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My father but I also want my mother to walk me down the aisle too.

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@ jj Awww thank you for your kind words about my mom! I do have to give her a lot o props on raising me because I wasnt the easiest child in the world to deal with! That's why having both of them do it is the best for me because I love my father and he is a big part of my life now, and my mother has always stood by me in the past and will continue to in the future!
@Lisa p I love that your son is giving you away! I think that is wonderful!
@mailburedneck giving your uncle the honor is always great because I think the whole idea is a person who is close to you to walk you down the aisle and I know if I didn't have both of my parents I would have my godfather who is my uncle!
@ futuremrsohler I like that you are having your father, it's very traditional and I love that! It is a great way for him to show your FH ok she is all yours please take Care of her!
@Cavan I think it's good to have both!
@ Megan d having your grandpa and dad is a great idea too!

Thanks for the thoughts ladies!

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@ honey b I haven't! But thank you for bringing that up I will ask him about it this week!
@Patricia j yeah my mom and dad probably
Wouldn't like that either but it's because they want my FH to see me walking down the aisle to him... But if you want to walk in together then go
For it. But I don't think my church would allow us to

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My brother is walking me down sense my father passed,If you want your mom to do the honor of giving her daughter away well so be it sense she gave birth to you it will give her joy to give her daughter away..

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I walked myself...my father and I have not had contact in years....I was going to have my sister walk me, but in the end I did it alone

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My mom and dad. I'm really close to both of them, so I wouldn't have it any other way. Yeah, I say go for it. Makes a lot of sense to me.

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I am walking alone or my step-son will walk with me. My dad is having a heart attack over it too.

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My dad passed away in 2005, so my brother will be walking me down the isle :)

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My sons are giving me away, they are 20 and 22 and FH decided to have them as his GM also. I'm so glad they are being included.

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Yeah I love that everyone is having different people walking them down the aisle! The whole idea is for someone who is important to you to "give" you away, and it seems like that is what everyone is doing, picking someone or somones important to them! i love it!

Thank you everyone for all of your opinions.

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Do you think its ok to have my father and grandfather both walk me down the aisle?

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I'm having my dad.

My family is pressuring me to have both.

1. The aisle does not fit more than two people

2. as close as I am to my mom, and my dad, ever since I was little, and pictured my wedding in my mind, it was always my dad. It's absolutely nothing against my mom but she, I just felt had other roles in the wedding. Like helping me get ready.
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