Who is my date twin?? 7/14/12
Who else is getting married on July 14th? What do you have left to do?

Married: 07/14/2012
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Married: 07/14/2012
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Mrs. J-Mo
Married: 07/21/2012
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I'm not a date twin but just wanted to say hello to a fellow July bride!!! :)

Married: 11/13/2011
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Found a few for you

Future Mrs R
Judith F- aka Polka Dot Queen
Vanessa N
Cynthia H
Nicole R
Jenelle E
Future Mrs Loera
Future Mrs S
James To Be
Kaydee D
Amy C
Melissa H
Kim R
Meggan M
Katrina F
Kelly K

Future Mrs. Loera
Married: 07/14/2012
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Hi date twin =) omg i can't believe it a few more weeks i still have a few things to do =)

-buy veil
-the fh & groomsmen need tuxes
-buy my garter
-still finishing buying candy for candy table
-still need to take our engagement pics next months
-finish paying the venue
-finish paying the caterer
-need to finish the bird cage
-sending the invites by next week

omg i still have a lot of things to do

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May 19, 2012 at 8:13 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
Hey there ! Not much Im just paying people,
I need to Finalize flowers
Do favor boxes
& Do Day of itinerary!
Coming so close!
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