Who Goes the the rehearsal dinner?
I know the people in the bridal party,but do the grand parents go since they are getting walked down the aisle to? All my cousins are in my wedding party, but do the parents have to go? the oldest is 20 so she could drive her younger siblings...(the youngest is 13) then of course i know my flower girls parents go since they of course cant get there on their own..its just i am trying to keep this fairly low key and cheap as it is just another expense i really don't have money for.

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I think it's anyone who is at the rehearsal and any other immediate family. I'll probably invite the parents of my ring bearers and flower girl. So I would be including my aunts and uncles.

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We had our bridal party, (including ushers and their dates) our readers (and their significant others), us (of course), but the only parents (besides our own) that were there were my Flower Girl's parents and Ring Bearer's Parents ... We kept it low key but had so much fun! It was just in a little room in a restaurant. It was a great way to unwind and catch up on everyone else's lives after being all wedding for a year ... I think we were supposed to be out by 10, we didn't leave till closer to 12 ... LOL

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We're inviting the pastor/organist/any other musicians their dates if any, our WP members, their dates and children if any, and our parents.

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For our rehearsal dinner we are have a bonfire party. We are having everyone make something and bring it that way cost is cheaper since the wedding is costing so much!

We like that we are having a bonfire, kind of like a mini party before the big party.

We are inviting parents, aunts/uncles, closer cousins, grandparents and bridal party....

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Don't forget you are also supposed to invite any out of town guests!

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Yes out of town guests should be invited as well! We didn't do this but only because the out of town guests arrived late Friday night so it was pointless.

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I cant afford to invite out of town guest, i really cant, a lot of our guest are coming from out of town its would make the rehearsal dinner literally 70-80 people... that's crazy.

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We feel the same way. We really cant afford to have a rehearsal dinner and my FH insists we dont need one but I feel like we should. If we do decided to have one my FH wants to have it at his parents house and have like a BBQ kinda thing, But i would rather have it at a restaurant ( which can be expensive ). If we do decide to have one it will prob just be our wedding party and family members. I will prob. start looking up the cost of it all sometime next month. Im hoping the restaurant wont be to much. lol

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I really don't understand why people invite people who are NOT participating in the ceremony. Grandparents, and of course parents of your FG, RB's, etc. But out of town guests??? No.......they don't need to be there. IMO.

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We will have it in a room in a restaurant, we are only inviting the Bridal Party, ring bearer and flower girls parents, his parents, my parents. No one else.
It will be about 21 people.
We are on a tight budget and this is just another expense we don't need.

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OOT guests invited to rehearsal dinner? I've never heard this before. FH just moved here in July of 09, so almost all of our guests will be from out of town. There is no way I could or would invite them. I don't expect they will be in town until the day of anyway. We are doing wedding party only--they are all couples--we are so smart- FH's parents, and our 6 kids if they arrive that early. Oh and our pastor and his wife if they can attend.

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We finally narrowed it down to bridal party (maid of honor, best man, his parents, my divorced parents, stepmother, and my brother). And to cut back on costs we decided to do it at Olive Garden instead of at the venue's restaurant which would have doubled the price. I don't think anybody but bridal party and immediate family should be invited.

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They other thing i am on the fence with, is i know it is "proper" to invite the people your bridal party is dating, or parents are dating ( both of FH parents dating new people. both of whom we are not close with for one reason or another) but that would mean another 15 people. Would you be offend if you were told the significant other was not invited to the rehearsal dinner?

we are having it at The Melting Pot, its a chain restaurant for fondue.

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We invited everyone who is involved in the wedding ceremony (those who needed to be at the rehearsal) along with their spouses if married, as well as the parents of kids in the wedding party (FGs, RBs, Jr. Ushers).

When I was in a friends wedding the year before DH and I got married, he was not invited to the RD, and since we were not married, it was understandable to me. However, when my sister gets married next year, I will be very hurt if DH isn't invited because we are married, and therefore a social unit. It is considered very bad etiquette to invite only half of a married couple to a social event.

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Brianna, I think there is a very fine line. Are the people significant others, or dating, have they recently started dating?

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its my maid of honor, she has been with her bf just over year, so like a year and half by the wedding, my cousin, she goes through bfs like socks but if she stays with this one, it will be a year and half, my cousin dallas is 16 and will have been with his gf for 3 years, FFIL gf is 4 years extremely off and on though, same with FMIL, but 3 years also extremely off and on with her BF..those are the big ones...the other people i am not AS concerned with.
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i've been wondering the same thing.. i am trying to keep our count as low as possible because i dont want to spend a ton on a rehearsal dinner- the reception costs enough as it is.. we may not invite the out of town guests tho.. our wedding is a late afternoon saturday wedding & i think some of the closer out of town guests wont arrive until saturday.. i wasnt sure if i need to invite the photographer too or not..
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