Who gets flowers at the wedding?
Alright I know the bride and the moh/bridemaids get bouquets and the moh/bridemaids also gets Corsages. I also know that the Groom and BM and the father of the bride and groom gets Boutonnieres. but Ive seen so many mothers of the brides and groom also get Boutonnieres isn't that a little boyish? Now I also want to know do the brother and the sisters of the bride and groom, flowergirl and the ring bearer get Boutonnieres also????

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I believe the mothers of the bride and groom get 'corsages' or those wristlet things, the ringbearer could get a boutonniere and the flower girl one of those things for her hair. thats just my understanding. I don't think you need to get sisters or bros anything unless you want to.

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Hi...typically it goes like this:
Bride, MOH and bridesmaids all get bouquets.
Groom, BM and groomsmen/ushers all get boutonnieres.
Mothers of the bride and groom get either a pinned or wrist coursage.
Fathers of the bride and groom get a boutonniere
Ring Bearer gets a boutonnier
Flower girl either gets flowers for her hair or maybe a small basket with flowers in it. I've also seen them carry a ball of flowers.
If you have any grandparents...it is customary, but not necessary, to give the grandmothers a coursage as well and the grandfathers a boutonniere.

You don't need flowers for anyone else, so you don't have to worry about brothers and sisters.

Debbie H.

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It's kind of in your ballpark, Depending on nationality, I've seen all Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, brothers and sisters. It's your wedding, you need to make up your mind depending on you budget. Flower girls unually get the basket to keep, ringbearers get a boutonnier. Is it important to you to make the brothers and sisters feel a part of your big day??

Take your time, figure out your budget first,
Congrates and best wishes

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Thank you guys

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Huh? Why do the bridesmaids need corsages? They have bouquets... Give the moms corsages. Ask them if they even want them. I don't think everyone needs a flower.... ^_^;

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Beyond the wedding party, parents and grandparents, I really think it's a matter of what you want. I think it's a great way to honor those who are close to you but not necessarily part of the wedding party. For example, I have 3 sisters and a brother, two of my sisters are bridesmaids and my brother is a groomsman. My 3rd sister is doing a reading. I plan on getting her a corsage as a way of honoring her. It all depends on your relationship with you siblings, if you're close and want to make them feel special than get them a corsage/boutineer...if not, it's perfectly acceptable not to.
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