Who do you have to tip at the wedding???
okay I know we have to tip people like the waiters and bar tender that night but do you also tip the DJ, photographer, florist? They are already pocketing the full amount for their services, and getting dinner on us that night... do you also have to tip them?

Also how much do you tip?? Say the waiter, you won't tip them based on the entire amount of the food, right? That seems like A LOT to me.

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I have heard waiters are $20 each... DJ photo and florist everyone says it is up to you. different people say different things. A lot of people say a good review means more than money or a gift... supposedly you don't tip if the vendor is the owner.

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wow lots of great info-- thanks!

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I am not tipping the vendors because they charge enough for their services and as far as waiters go I feel they deserve a tip if they do well.
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You don't HAVE to tip anyone, really.... not because they're "pocketing the whole fee"...in many cases, they are not (dj and music agencies, for instance) but because it's just not customary to do so.

Waiters; 20-30. each. Bartenders too, and do NOT allow a tip cup on the bar.
Tres tacky.

Possibly; floral and cake delivery people, or anyone else that really went over the top for you. But I agree; I would love a great review.

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our venue adds gratuity to the bill automatically which i fine with me. I used to be a server so I would probably over tip if it were up to me. I do believe people love a positive review and tipping is not required. It may be a nice gesture of they do an amazing job.

My DJ and cake are coming from close friends so I'm not worried about tipping. DJ informed me that all the money from my wedding is going to strippers in Vegas when he goes 2 weeks after my wedding. LOL.

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Thank you for asking this question. Many suppliers do work extra hard to create the wedding of your dreams so a tip, in whatever form (cash, gift or recommendation) is always appreciated and all three of these suggestions are great ideas.

One thing to note is that often with hotels the service charge is not in fact a gratuity - it's an additional charge to offset labor costs (much like airlines add fuel surcharges). Simply asking the hotel "Does the service charge include a gratuity?" will allow you to determine if you should think about an additional tip to the serving staff and Catering Manager or not.

Cydney's post above with the first link is a great one-stop shop for how much and to whom. Thanks again for even thinking to ask this question - you'd be surprised how many people just assume it's included or don't consider that this additional reward might be appreciated.

Best of luck to you in your wedding planning and congratulations!

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Ive never heard of such things.. No wonder you all have such high budgets.. Im glad Im making my own cake and a pot luck reception.... My photo girl is the owner of her studio so what I pay her is what she gets no tipping... Thanks for the info though..

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Tina I was surprised too and confused! But thank you all for your input. :) cydney your link was great!

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A gratuity tends to be built in to a caterer's bill so clarify that before you tip. Also the wait staff with my catering company are getting 18 dollars and hour with a guaranteed 5 hours for set up and take down. So unless someone just goes WAYYYY out of their way I won't be tipping them.

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I dislike the whole concept of places charging automatically for gratuity. the whole point of a gratuity or tip is that it is beyond what is required, it's gratuitous. if they require then they should just include it in the overall price and be done with it.

Guess there's no helping it though.
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