Who comes to the Rehearsal Dinner?
My FH and I aren't sure about my parents coming to the Rehearsal Dinner. My sister and one of his sister's are the MOH/BM and his BF and father are the Best Man/GM. So his parents would have to come since his dad is in the wedding. I think that it would only be fair to have my mother and father attend, but he doesn't think so because they aren't actually taking part in the ceremony (no, my father isn't walking me down the aisle.)

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well both sets of parents, the bridal party & the groomsmen best man. the readers if u are going to have any. the marriage counlsors, the pastor or who ever is marrying u basically just everyone thats really close to u.

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Immediate family, bridal party and spouses. Sometimes out of town guests.

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Both sets of parents should be included, weather or not they are in the wedding. Along with wedding party, their spouses, pastor and any other close family, friends or out of town guests if you choose. I've never heard of parents being excluded before.

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I think both sets of parents are a must.

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our 14 BP members, immediate fam and thats it :)

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I think both sets of parents are a must too. That seems crazy to me, but I don't know your relationship with your parents either.

My parents are also paying for a majority of the wedding too

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Parents, grandparents, and our bridal party. That's it.

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Thanks for your input! I think that it is more of a budget issue with my FI. He just thought that, anyone that has to come to the rehearsal kind of deserved the free dinner, but he wanted to limit it to just those people. There is no way we could afford to even just have all our immediate family go. I do think that my mom and father are a must, but that is going to be it besides the already mentioned.

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it wouldn't be right with out your parents being by your side during the whole experience, my parents are not here and I would have them by my side through it all

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We're doing our parents and bridal party for sure. At first we were including bridal parties SO but we aren't sure anymore since we have so much going on afterwards and whatnot.
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That's nuts not to invite your parents! They will be beyond insulted, and frankly? If my fiance suggested it, I'd be insulted too.

Do something casual enough that it doesn't bust your budget, but seriously , if you're going to do it at all, it should be bridal party and spouses/sig others, readers and guest musicians if they are friends, and your pastor if it's a person you've known for a while (as opposed to someone like me who you're hiring for the event). If you have close relatives who are coming in from out of town, maybe them too, depending on the budget, but never, ever eliminate parents!!!!! YIKES!

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My poor FH said the same thing to me the other night,his father is marrying us and so he asked why my parents would be invited. I am sure he now regrets that! It is not only the people apart of the ceremony, your immediate family is invited hands down! your bridal party also, and if you want the officiant should be. I am on a budget so luckily most of our wedding party is family and the ones who are not are still invited (obviously) with the plus 1 ONLY if they are married. 2 of the 4 groomsmen are married and the other two have no reason to bring a date to the rehearsal dinner anyways. I have always been brought up out of town guest are also invited, since they will be in town for YOUR wedding, and they will be sitting in their hotel room you invite them to come out and share the evening with you. I have never research to confirm if it is expected or if it was just how my family does it.
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