Where to get "nice" plastic cups and silverware???
Ok, so I'm having this backyard wedding at my parent's house and have invited 120 people. It's being catered by a family friend who is only providing the food. Since we're paying for the entire event ourselves, we're skimpping on the flatware/silverware/cups by using plastic instead of glass/china. I've already found really nice plates that are heavy duty plastic (but literally look like glass). Does anyone know where to get decent plastic cups (in particular, champagne/wine glasses that you don't have to assemble, cups for beer, etc.) and silverware? I'd like it to look as nice as possible without looking like a picnic.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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You can go to walmart, or ebay, and get plastic silverware that is silver and very sturdy, the look and feel of the real thing but nobody has to wash them! I'm having my wedding indoors but we're still doing these!


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Costco has some very realitic looking plastic flatware back by the paperplates...silver colored...is passing, I thought they were the real McCoy but only plastic!

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What about finding champagne glasses that you don't have to stick the bottoms on?? Those are SO corny! And who wants the bottom of their glass to fall off??

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I would suggest Party City or Pretty Party Place (those arent around here anymore, but I dont know) Depending on your budgt, you could try the dollar store for real glass champagne flutes. I know they also carry plates and cutlery, but I would assume cups might not be super nice.

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Try www.partyatlewis.com, I got some of our things there already and I am really happy with it :) Good Luck!

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Bevmo has the more modern looking flutes with snap-off bottoms, and they also carry the thicker "nicer" acrylic flutes as well. I am getting married at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona and plan on having a champagne toast after the ceremony at the park. I am going to get the plastic flutes for this. they are 12 for $10.

They also have a ton of party/ catering stuff at Smart & Final.

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no, no, no, no!!!!


They actually handle proms BUT will your guest ever know that you bought your stuff from them!!??!! They actually would be excited to know how CREATIVE you were to find them where you did. I'll NEVER tell. B

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i found some at the dollar tree here.. you can order in bulk on line for a buck a piece

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A lot of party city stores carry these, I have bought them before for other events so I know they have them... look near the regular colored party cutlery... it should be right around there.
Good Luck!!

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oriental trading has clear ones that look like class, they have plates, flutes, regular glasses and they always have free shipping and 15% your purchases
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The best place is going to be Costco or Sams - They have a line of realistic looking china - I have referred alot of my brides to them when budget is a factor!!! Good Luck

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Thank you everyone for the great ideas! I'm a woman on a mission now! =)

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Hi there congratulations on yur upcoming wedding. I myself are checking out some stores part city if you have one in yor area and a website you can check out is www.oriental trading.com have some nice and inexpensive stuff for weddings. Hope this answers your question. Enjoy!!


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Here's another great site - www.plumparty.com
They have great colors too!

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I haven't looked into the sites everyone has listed, but I looked for a very long time for nice plastic plates and everywhere costed about $0.50 cents each no matter what, where as renting it comes to about $0.30 cents. So we just decided to stick with the real thing!

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My cousin went to Costco and got some gorgeous plastic plates! They were white and had a silver rim around the edge, they looked very real! I think they also have nice plastice serving ware and what not

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You might want to check out my bio. I found stainless steel flatware that was from 96 cents a dozen (teaspoons) to $2.90 a dozen (knives). I also found plastic plates that look like china, and are reusable. They were anything from $49.99 for 150 plates (the 6" size) to $89 for 120 plates (the 10.25" size). While it may be cheaper initially to rent, you can get most or all of your money back if you buy and then resell.


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I just found these on Amazon & they are i-piece champagne flutes.
http://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Champagne-Glasses-10-count/dp/B0010DCIGU/ref=pd_sbs_k_2 Great price, too. I need these as well!

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Thank you for all of the suggestions! I found some nice plates (that look like glass) at Big Lots 140 for $20, I ordered the Reflections Silverware on Amazon for super cheap, and I got the 1-piece champagne flutes at the Dollar Tree Store ($60 for 120).

Thanks everyone!
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