Where to begin for an older bride?
I'm in my late forties and am engaged to the love of my life.

Problem is, this will be my second marriage and I am at a loss for where to begin in terms of deciding what I how I want to do it.

Here is a little background. My first wedding was an elopement that wasn't met with much fanfare from either family. There was never a party or celebration, not even on the anniversaries. And I admit that that void still makes me sad.

That said, I would like this time to be the wedding I never had, while at the same time striking a balance with what is appropriate for a second marriage for an older bride.

Any advice?

Married: 06/18/2011
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there are other so called "Older Brides" on here, Just because this is your second marriage and first wedding doesn't mean you cant have it just how you want it. Go all out just like it is your first marriage!

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Well, start the same place any other bride would start, because after all, age is just a number. If you stick around here, you will find you are far from alone.
Figure out the budget, then location. You need to secure a venue, which will determine the date. You should start now, as June is a prime month. Then, start looking for a dress. They can take 9 mos to come in. After that, you are left with catering, photographer, DJ, florist, linens, etc.
Happy planning!

Officially His Mrs P.
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well you got the date down, so thats a great start....my next time would to decide on a budget & find a venue.
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I'd love to help. Where are you located? If you email me, I'll send you my Questionaire, that will give me an idea of who you are, and I can send you some idea's. If your in Southern California anywhere, I'd love to sit down with you and discuss how I can help you achieve a beautiful wedding on your budget.

As for your most immediate question, what is appropriate for a second bride, WHATEVER YOU WANT! Traditions are no longer the norm for any bride, and you can do, wear, say anything you want to do. I've included my info below, like I said, email me, so I can send over the Questionaire for you to answer.
CEO, Sylver Weddings

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As a first time bride to a third time husband I am very firm in my decision that any marriage (no matter if its your first or fifth) is important and deserves equal amount of fanfare. Of course your parents won't be contributing this time (well I doubt they will be) but as long as its in your budget and makes you and your fh happy then go for it!

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I second what Analy said :)

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Analy is brilliant. Analy is wise. She speaks good stuff. :)

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I am an "older bride" as well, just married less than 2 weeks! I am 50 years old, and never married before this. My handsome groom is a "young" 57, and it was the third trip down the aisle for him.

I would love to share the experiences we had with you - as our wedding evolved over several ideas before ending up becoming what we both wanted! I know I was concerned as well, being "older," but I soon found out it was more in MY head than anyone else's.
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Congratulations! Age doesn't matter. You can still have a beautiful wedding no matter what. I am an event Planner and I always tell my brides to go with their guts. Whatever makes you comfortable is what you should think about when beginning to plan. I am available for help if you need it. Contact me @ NikkiGeter@Liquideventplanning.com

Good luck,

Nikki Geter
Owner/ CEO
Liquid Event Planning

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I think "older brides' begin in the same place that do all brides!

Besides all the things Analy wisely mentioned, I will also suggest determining whether you want something very formal or not and maybe start considering if you want small or large BP (and who so they can start helping out!! haha)

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Im not an older bride, but this is my 2nd wedding. I started this one the same way I started my last one. I planned one thing at a time. I have been enjoying it so much more the 2nd time around...You are gonna LOVE it. Happy planning to you :0)

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As a fifty something woman, I can say that a wedding, no matter how big or how small is going to take planning for it to be the wedding of your dreams. Give yourself permission to throw a fabulous party whether it is for 10 friends and family members or 100! Just enjoy yourself! Congrats on your engagement! WW is chock full of ideas!!!

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I am also a 50 bride and this was my second wedding and DH's 3rd. We decided we wanted to go to Vegas to get married to avoid family drama and stress, but we still had everything we wanted and more! Decide what kind of wedding you want and then go for it. Happy planning.

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I'm 45, 2nd marriage, just got married 2 months ago :) You have the wedding you want to have, there are no requirements for brides of our age (I refuse to say older as sometimes I am the most immature person on this board) - I had the dress, the cake, the flowers etc. Like everyone has said, pick your budget, your date and we are all here to help if you have questions.
by the way, a friend once asked me what look i was going for on my wedding day - a said "elegant milf" :)

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on and welcome to WW!

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I probably took about 2-3 months to decide the same question. I am in my 40's; its my first marriage and my FH's second. Should it be a small destination wedding or a church wedding with a modest reception? After listening to my heart (and not my practical head), I came to a decision on what kind of wedding would make me happy. I'd suggest the same for you and don't let age get in the way. Enjoy the planning.

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That's right, do whatever any other bride would do. I am soon to be 41 and my first marriage was just a 10-15 minute ceremony in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve and we didn't have a photographer and didn't have a honeymoon. So this time I would like a nicer wedding and a honeymoon eventually.

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I got married for the second time on my 56th birthday. My wife was 41, and had never been married.
I started out thinking that I was just going to wear clothes I already owned. However, it turned out that my wife really wanted something that said "wedding" to her. And because it would have looked a bit silly to have me in street clothes and her in a wedding dress, I ended up with the full regalia--dress (the first strapless one I had ever worn), crinoline, veil (with blusher), opera gloves, pearls, and bridal slippers. You can see a picture below.
So basically, in a second marriage for an older bride, you can do anything you could have done in a first marriage for a younger bride. About the only difference is that you are less likely to have parents who are telling you how you "should" do things. And if you still do, you've probably had more practice in ignoring them.

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I am a second time bride, My first didn't have the "trimings" of a wedding just a JOP marriage ceremony. My FH will be married his sfirst time so I asked and he said ok to let my plan a huge shindig. Well huge for us since its just family and nearly 100 people. At 35 and I still have one birthday before my date I didn't look at some gowns I wanted something fabulous but age apporpriate for a mother of 3. Best part for me is the family aspect of the ceremony changed from a traditional first marriage. My son not my father will walk me down the aisle, my daughter is standign up for me as a bridemaid and walking in before me as ring bearer is the cutest 4 yr in my life also my son. While I am having a wedding its more about family and fun and celebrating we finally got married after being together for 6 years.
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