Where can you find Cheap Vases?
Where can I find cheap vases online other that modernvaseandgift.com and saveoncraft.com? Any other websites you guys know of?

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It depends on what kind of vases your looking for.

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I get smaller ones at the Dollar Tree. Goodwill and those types or stores are good. I got large vases for centerpieces on clearance at Tuesday Morning for only $4.50/each.

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Oh, and check craigs list too. A lot of brides buy that stuff and then sell it after the wedding.

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Good idea thanks! I need them for centerpieces 8-12 inches high like a trumpet or similia.

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try goodwill and other thrift stores

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My suggestion would be Dollarama. That store is freakishly amazing.

Or like someone else mentioned, craigslist.

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Definitely Dollar Tree

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You can buy vases by the case on dollartree.com

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Dollartree! I ordered mine by the case and they shipped free to the store

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Are you wanting them all identical? If not, have you posted on freecycle.org? Lots of people giveaway stuff that they no longer want or need. Once you sign up, you can post an "offer" or post something that you are looking for. You would be amazed at what people giveaway because they don't want to bother selling it. Plus, its nice to pay it forward.

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I needed really tall vases under a budget and this site was perfect much cheaper then hobby lobby and other sites.


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Good Will or Save-on-crafts.com
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