Where can i get a good deal for bulk Cylinder vases? Love this centerpiece!
I just found this centerpiece, Originally i was going to use the centerpieces the venue provides but im not in love with those, and I think if i were to do these my self it wouldnt cost as much as a florist would instead of having all those vases though i would just do 2 smaller cylinder vases and then a tall one in the middle.

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try this website, its where im getting a lot of my wedding decorations


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You may want to check out rental businesses in your area!?

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dollartree.com has cylinder vases for $1 each...though only in one size. You could always save money by getting some of these here and then the taller ones elsewhere-- like michaels or crate and barrel http://www.crateandbarrel.com/outlet/home-accessories/large-cylinder-vase/s505890

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Check dollartree.com they have some cylinder vases for $1.00 each...not sure if they are the sizes you need.

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I purchased 36 cylinder vases in three diff. sizes from ebay for $99. I think they were a great deal for the amount I was getting.

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All items bought at dollar tree, they have 3 different size cylinders

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