Where can I buy a cancelled wedding contract/venue?
Hey there,
I have come across a couple ads where the wedding has been cancelled and they are going to lose there money that they have paid towards the wedding and they are looking to sell it. I want to know if there is an actual site where you can find this. Or is somthing I can search to find them in my area? I would like to save money as well as help someone out by buying theres so they get some of there money back. Im an in CA. If one one has any info please share.
Thanks so much.

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I think you might want to call the venues you like and ask them if they have any cancellation. Give them your info and your target dates, and see if they are willing to work with you.

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That was my guess...

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You can actually look here on wedding wire. They have a section I believe its called deals. Click on your local area and you might be able to find it. I know I saw a hotel in Philly giving a huge discount on a wedding. Granted, this may make planning time a lot shorter than expected!

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Oh one more thing check under venues in your areas and most of them will have a "deals" section too, if that helps!
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