When to send out Wedding invitations
Im getting married this June & I want to send out the invitations at the end of March. That way if im over my head count I can figure out my cost. Is the end of March to early?

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Unless you are having a destination wedding, 6-8 weeks before is the standard.

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No, not a destination wedding

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Mine went out 9wks before our wedding and it was perfect timing and most of our guests were from out of town. I sent our STD early and most people lost the STD or didn't know where they put it, and I didn't want the same thing to happen with the invite, so I pushed back the send date.

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I am starting to send mine out the 28th of this Month and my wedding is May 28 and the reply is by April 28th.

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I also sent mine out 9 weeks before the wedding date. I mailed them on Valentines Day :) The deadline is March 26th so that'll give us a week to call any slackers before the final count is needed (10 days before the wedding)

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If you send them out too early people may forget about them... oh, the wedding isn't for 3 months, we have time to send this back... and then put it off to the side.

I agree 6 - 8 weeks Mail them out the last week of April - April 25, They will get them 1st week of May (8 wks before wedding)

If the caterer needs the head count more than 2 weeks before the wedding then bump it back one more week, otherwise April 25 should be a good date to put in mail.

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Formal Invitations
Formal invitations should be mailed out 6-8 weeks before the actual event. If the event is a destination wedding, or if you have out-of-the-country guests, invitations may be mailed prior to the 6-8 week timeline. The reply-by date should be set for 2-3 weeks before the event, depending upon a caterer's needs for a head count.

Informal Invitations
Informal invitations should be mailed out 3-5 weeks before the actual event. A reply-by date may or may not be necessary for this event, but is typically required approximately 1-2 weeks before the party. If additional response time is necessary, this is acceptable...

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I am sending mine out around the middle of April with an RSVP date of May 28th because my venue needs a head count by June 4th. I agree you don't want to send them out too early because people forget or will hold on to it because they think they have time. I think March is just fine.

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Well I'm sending my invitations out 6-8 weeks prior to my wedding. I have to pay for 125 anyway, so the only thing that I will be worried about is the meal choice. If they choose not to respond, then they will eat chicken. I chose magnets so that people wouldn't put the save the dates somewhere and forget about them. I find that when people have too much time, they tend to forget. We sometimes forget how other people can be so busy with their own lives, that they forget about ours .

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