I was thinking of getting my FH ready to get fitted for his tux about 7-8 weeks prior to our wedding....is this sufficient?

We are getting married on December 21 and I was thinking the beginning of November would be plenty of time.

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That should be fine but don't get it done too soon if his measurements are likely to change. I think my FH has put on a few pounds so I'm going to recommend he get measured one more time during Thanksgiving break.

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I think that would be fine. We got married in September and DH was fitted and we had the account set up for the GM to order by the middle of July. Make sure to do it as late as possible for your RB or other little guys though as they are probably still growing rapidly and you want to make sure it fits the best it can.

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There is no wedding party so that makes it much easier. My FH has not fluctuated in size in 2 years and has worn the same size ever since....lucky him...I'm jealous!

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That should be fine, but, if you already know where he is going for his tux, check with them to see when is the best time for him to go. We went to Al's Formal Wear (not sure if it's only local) and they said as long as the guys went 2 weeks prior, they were fine. So I say just deouble check with the vendor so you're safe.

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Yes, the vendor actually said that it is more than enough time and if we had any problems or concerns, his assistant just has to call him on his cell phone and he would come right in..pretty nice place..Jack O'Reily Tuxedo's. He is also giving us a break..we are getting married up in the Poconos and we will have the tux the whole time while we are on our Honeymoon as well (5-6 days)..he said he would not charge us extra for having it all those days....AWESOME! I called other places and they said that they would not do that and charge us per-day..some said they don't do that at all and the only alternative would be to buy it....TOTALLY INSANE!

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We've already got the tux picked out and he's going next month so we can lock in 2009 prices. The guys can always get fitted again later but if they go in before the end of the year then they can get the lower price.

I think the finalized tux fitting should be 1-2 months before.

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We're getting ours from Men's Wearhouse and they said that as long as all were in for measurements by 2 weeks prior that was good. To be safe I think I'd feel better if my FH goes at least 4 weeks out!
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