When going wedding dress shopping what should you wear?
Hi everyone,

I'm going dress shopping this weekend with my mom and my brother. one of my friends suggested I wear like griddle/Bustier when I go. I've been trying to lose weight, but I'm still not where I want to be, but I figure I hope to be there or close to it before the wedding. Should I bring a girdle/bustier with me when trying on dresses since I’ll probably be wearing one on the day of the wedding? I’m just looking for some advice.

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2d Bride
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As much as possible, wear what you plan on wearing with your wedding dress, including shoe height and undergarments. However, since almost all dresses end up being altered, it's not critical.

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Whatever you plan on wearing underneath your dress. Me, I didn't bring anything.....oops! But they gave me a longline bra to put on (they kind of suck).

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Spanx and a good bra or something close to what you will wear for the wedding. Remember, a lot of people may be coming into the room with you so whatever you feel good in as well

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Where are you going? Davids bridal lets you use their bra (mine was the whole bustier type) and the crinoline.

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Wear whatever you are planning on wearing the day of the wedding. Also, don't wear lace underwear. I didn't think about it and some of the dresses I tried on got hooked on my underwear. It's not fun standing there waiting for your MOH to get a hook out while you're standing there half naked.

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Just try not to wear too many layers of your street clothes (like tank top under a shirt with a sweather and a jacket with scarf). Something that slips on would be better than a button up, less hassel getting in and out. ;) This will make it easier to change in and out of them...
Oh and forget socks and shoes, do flip flops or the slip ons (or heels if you plan to wear them for your wedding so you have an idea how it would look with your dress)

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Thanks. I'm thinking of going to buy a Bustier today for my appointments this weekend.

@Courtney R-i'm going to a couple of bridal stores in area, but not a DB...not yet at least.

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I agree, go with what you plan to wear underneath, as well as shoes. And don't wear bright colored underwear or any undies you hate! Wear something you like. Bringing shoes is good too

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Ditto the other girls!

I also did my hair on makeup like it was a special occasion. I knew I would get a little self-conscious staring into tri-fold mirrors all day, plus the lighting in those places is always a bit funky. One less thing to be self-conscious about.

If you have something special you KNOW you want to wear like a veil, jewelry, etc, definitely bring it so you can see the overall look. I had my veil first and wanted my dress to go with it instead of the other way around. Oh and bring a hair tie if you will be grossed out by a borrowed one. A couple consultants wanted to pull my hair up out of the way and they had used scrunchies. I'm weird about borrowing hair stuff.

And I brought a water bottle and snacks. Not clothing but I was so nervous that my blood sugar was all over the place. If my mom didn't have apple slices and string cheese in her purse I would have about passed out. :)

Hayley C™
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Trying on Dresses!!!!

shave... legs and armpits.

Wear nude panties that cover your butt. (you'll be flashing your butt, maybe even wear leggings)

and a hair clip... it gets hot getting in and out of those dresses.

Bring a camera and a note book. (some don't let you take pictures but you can write down the designer tag name... and some have style # on the Bridal Shop tag *sometimes they are the designer#, sometimes it is the designer # reversed)

Wear a strapless bra. (some provide one)
Bring some heels.
Don't wear too much foundation - if it is too noticeable they will ask you to wash your face.

Pictures of dresses you like to help the consultant pull good choices for you.

But...Try on EVERYTHING!!!!! NEVER trust the hanger... you may hate it on the hanger but it could be THE ONE when you get it on.

Don't turn away a dress because it is not what you were looking for. Your "dream dress" might not fit your body. Try all silhouettes.

Hayley C™
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Only bring 1 or 2 people... too many opinions will drive you crazy

Gum and deodorant.

Bring water and a small snack like an apple or protein bar.

Any special accessories you know you'll want to wear on your wedding day like jewelry or a headpiece

when you start saying "I like it but not as much as the last one" you know you are getting close - you will start referring to one as "the one"

Don't feel pressured into getting it that day. I found "the one" and still went to 2 stores and tried on more dresses and went back the next week to buy "the One" when I was absolutely sure.

Don't feel pressured to buy their veil, tiara, slip... etc.... Try them on, but I'm sure you can find better deals out there. (especially the crinoline slip - Ebay!)

and HAVE FUN!!!!!

good luck!
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