When Does the Groom Walk down the aisle???
So I'm trying to figure this walking thing. Does the Officiant go first? Or the Family? Or the Groom? Then the Bridal Party??

We have 1 Grandmother, His Parents, 3 groomsmen w/bridesmaids, MOH & BM, 1 Ringbearer, Me, Groom, Officiant

No flower girl, no mother on my side, no grandparents on his side.

What would be the best way to do it?

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HI Krysten,
The way I have done it in the past with my clients is
the officiant first
followed by the groom and bestman
followed bygrooms family
followed by brides family
followed by bridal party
and then the bride
If your getting married in a church, many times there is a church coordinator that can assist you with the processional and recessional
hope this helps

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A good way to do it when it's tricky like that is to have the groomsmen usher the grandmother and parents in.... then have them walk back out, and all line up together... officiant, groom, best man, other groosmen and rindbearer... and all the men walk in together and wait at the alter..... then have the bridesmaids walk themselves in, followed by you.

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i think it best if its this way:
-his parents
-bridal party
-ring bearer
-the bried of course and if your father is walking u down the isle
OMG i just noticed we're getting married in the same date

my situation is diffrent im not having anyone no bridal party no MOH nothing
what im gonna do is have everyone already seated and my dad just take me down the isle in the ceremony its only gona be his parents and sibling and my parents and siblings=)

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So I want my bridesmaid/groomsmen to walk together in pairs?? Is that wierd?

Lauren FM
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I don't think it's weird, but every wedding I have been to the BM and GM walk in pairs.

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For my ceremony which is in a Hotel...

Father of Groom
Mother of Bride/Escort
Aunt of Bride/Escort
Brides Maids walk in alone
Grooms Men walk in alone
Bride and Dad
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pairs are fine, its a personal choice i have seen singles, pairs, 2 bridemaids with 1 groomsmen. You can have it the way you want

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I wanted to do pairs but my fh said no he didn't want to do it that way so everyone is walking down alone.

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My bridesmaids had anxiety about walking alone and the quicker the ceremony the more time there is for the reception!!! Sorry if that offends anyone... okay not really. I think I will have:

My Grandma/Escort
His Parents together
MOH/Best Man
Me and Dad

Sound good???

2d Bride
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The traditional order depends on your religion--which means that if you're having a secular wedding, you can pretty much pick and choose. For a Jewish wedding, it is traditionally:

The Rabbi and/or cantor
Grandparents of the bride, who are then seated in the first row
Grandparents of the groom, who are then seated in the first row
Groomsmen, walking in pairs
Best man
The groom, who is escorted by his parents.
Maid or Matron of Honor
Ring bearer and/or flower girl
The bride, escorted by her parents

And unless your officiant objects, you can create your own order anyway. NotFroofy and I, for example, elected to walk in together after the two members of the wedding party.

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I don't think the groom should walk in until after the bridal party, IMO.

Mine is:
Officiant and his wife (FH's parents)
My Mom and grandparents (haven't quite figured out the exact order of them yet)
GM&BMs together
BM&MOH together
RB and FG
Me and my dad

I think the bridal party should be waiting at the front for both the groom and the bride.

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I like that idea too. I might rearrange mine now.. Thanks lol

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the order I've witnessed most often is the groom and groomsmen sliding in the side door,assembling at the front and the bridesmaids coming down one at a time, with the MOH the last BM, then the flower girl and then the bride

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Karen, I've seen that too! But some venues (like outdoor ones) don't have a side door and I think it would look kind of funny to have the men sort of just appear around the side of the yard instead of coming down the aisle. But I think it definitely depends on the venue!
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There are a lot of ways to do it; usually, it's me and the groom, either with the groomsmen or without (if the groomsmen are escorting the bridesmaids. I personally like the women to come down alone. In other words, Shea's Way. (Great slogan!)

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I have never seen the Groom come down the aisle. He normally enters from the far right side of the room.

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My DH and his BM entered from the right front with the officiant and waited. I'm with Kathy; I've never seen a groom walk down the aisle.

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Thanks for posting this Krysten I was wondering the same thing since im having an outdoor wedding at my FH parents house. I have no idea in which order everyone should come in and now I have an idea at least lol

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Our wedding was outside as well. It was really nice because we had it in a gazebo and there were multiple entrances to the gazebo. All of our guests sat inside of the gazebo and there was an aisle down the center but there was also an aisle way on the side of the gazebo so we had the officiant and the groom and his guys walk down the side of the gazebo and then we had the ladies walk alone down the center aisle of the gazebo.

I like it when they walk in pairs and then split at the altar though, that was my preference but I was out-ruled!

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This is how we're planning on ours.

Our Officiant - who is my cousin and his wife
Grooms Sister and Family - it's the only family FH will have at the wedding
My Parents
BM - GA (groom's attendant) - my Son and DIL
MOH - my daughter
Bride/Groom - we are walking down the aisle together
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