When do you send out invitations? ? ?
We are planning to have an April 08 wedding, but do not know when to send the invitations. Do we "need" save the date cards? We want to send out the bare minimum that is required. Also, do invitations need to be mailed to, lets say the next door neighbors, or can they be hand delivered? I was told that it may seem cheap or rude to do this, any opinions?

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Elite Weddings by Maggie

Elite Weddings by Maggie
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Hi Starcaster!
Usually I recommend sending invitations about 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. Sometimes if you send them too early, people might toss it aside and forget about it until it's the day-of! You also want to allow enough time for your guests to schedule their days off from work, etc. Not to mention, you want to give yourself plenty of time to get organized and keep your guest counts accurate. "Save the Dates" aren't 100% necessary but are nice if you're having a destination wedding or if many of your guests are out-of-towners. I would advise to mail all the invitations to keep it formal, if that's the nature of the wedding ;-)

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We sent our "save the dates" nice and early, mainly because we knew it was a busy wedding season for all of our friends. They are definitely not required by any means, but for us, it was all about getting a spot reserved on our friends/family's calendars so they could make it!

Dawn G.

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I generally see two months for the invitations as the earliest you want to send them out. Keep in mind, you want to give your guests time to reply back to you.

Save the Date items can be as simple as a postcard, which is a cheaper postage rate. Doesn't need to be fancy. Also, if a bunch of your guests have email, you can save money by sending out an email announcement for the save the date (maybe even create a little wedding website so they can get more details), and postcards only to those who you don't have email for. The Save the Date info can really go out as soon as you set a date. It's only meant to be a heads up.

When it comes to hand delivering, why not? I can't imagine anyone taking offense, & they often love it. It gives them a chance to get excited with you! When you hand it to them don't say "I wanted to save postage, here you go." Make it seem special. Tell them "I really wanted to hand deliver this to you because I'm so excited to share my wedding with you." :)
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Due the the travel typically associated with weddings these days, I recommend 8-10 weeks, especially if no save-the-date card has been sent. This allows guests plenty of time to book airfare, etc.

Plus, if you're doing assigned seating/tables, you'll want plenty of time between the date that you ask for your RSVP's back and your wedding date. And unfortunately you'll probably end up calling several people who haven't yet responded...so give yourself plenty of time since those last few weeks can get pretty stressful!
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For Save The Dates = 6 months prior to your wedding. Make sure to plan accordingly so that your mailing does not get mixed up in the holiday mailings. I would recommend doing it no later than october.

Invitations = 8 weeks for domestic and 10 weeks for international.

Jenny K.

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Typically it's recommended to send out wedding invitations to local guests to a local wedding 6-8 weeks in advance. As a courtesy to out of town guests or for destination weddings Save the Date cards are a nice gesture, giving your guests
time to make travel arrangements, etc. Save the Dates are sent out about 6 months in advance. Hand delivering an invitation is fine, just be sure that your guest's names are on the invitation and leave off the address. Also, always always include postage on your response cards, whether or not you hand deliver them. Happy Planning:)


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Hello! Being in the Invitation business, I would say about half of my clients send save-the-date cards. It's a newer trend, so if you want to send the minimum, I would skip sending them. As far as sending the invitations out, typical timeframe is 6-8 weeks but this also depends on when your caterer needs a final count (some want it as much as a month in advance) and if the wedding is over a major holiday weekend. I would mail it to your neighbors.. there is nothing like getting something fabulous for a wonderful event in the mail!

Southern Belle Invitations
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As I am in the invitations business I recommend to all of my customers that they send out the invites no later than 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. If you have any to mail out of state I would also suggest mailing those about 8-10 weeks out. Many brides are choosing to send out save the dates, but it is not necessary to do so. That is completely up to the bride. If you are looking out for your budget then I would skip doing the save the dates. If your neighbors are very good friends I see nothing wrong with hand delivering their invites. Only if they are very good friends would I do this however.

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As I am in the planning business, 6- 8 weeks is normal for local guests, and save the dates are optional - but more commonly than not used by my clients.

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