when do you have your bridal shower?
When are you suppose to have your bridal shower and when do you send out invites for that?

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good question tomee.... I was just wondering this, b/c I have to throw a shower for my friend getting married in may and honestly have no clue!!!!

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I have been to a couple bridal showers before and they were always about 1 to 2 months before the wedding..regarding the invites, if it is mostly local pple and you are doing it on a wknd, I would say about a month in advance should be sufficient, of course if you have anyone traveling, you would want to notify them earlier.

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I say do it whenever you can... though I think the norm is usually around 1-3 months before the wedding.

My wedding is in May but I am having my shower in January b/c my MOH/sister is a military wife and will be moving in the middle of January and this is the only time she could do it. I think the closer you can do it towards the wedding the better, but whatever is most convenient for the person who is planning it is most important

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Anywhere between a month and a half up until a week before is acceptable!

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i'd say about a month and a half is ideal. I am having two, and the one my soon to be sis in law is throwing a personal shower/sleepover around February, and my sister and mom is throwing one for me at the end of April.
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Two months before the wedding

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My bridal shower was dec 5th and i am getting married jan 16th. My MOH wouldnt let me help plan or know any detail and it was great! i was frustrated a little bit with that but looking back im so glad she did that. it was STRESS free for me and everything was amazing. One less thing to stress about. just show up and have a good time :)

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I think the norm is usually about 3 months before the wedding but really it can be whenever the person planning has time. My wedding is in May and my shower (it's a surprise so I am only guessing based off of when my mother isn't on vacation) will be in the beginning of Feb or the end of March. Yes you should definitely send out invites. Probably 4 weeks ahead is a good enough.

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My wedding is Feb. 27th & I just had my Shower (it was a GREATLY planned surprise!) on December 6th... I guess my mom chose so soon because of the Holidays coming up and then we'll be running around like chickens without a head all throughout the last two months lol

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Like Jennifer F, my shower was Dec. 5th. My wedding is Jan 17th. I think it kinda depends on what's going on in the weeks before your wedding. Since Christmas and new years are right before my wedding, we had to plan around that. I'd say the shower should be anytime from a week to 2 months before your wedding. And invites should go out at least 2 weeks prior.

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My shower is Jan 17. I am getting Married Jan 23 but mine is so close because alot of out of town guests that are very close to me want to be there. My invites went out this week for it.

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My shower is going to be Jan 3rd and my Wedding is Feb 20th. They had to plan it around when my MOH would be in town because she is currently going to grad school in Boston.

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Usually the BM's talk it over with the bride and figure out a good date from there.

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My bridal shower was a little less than a month before our wedding. And the MOH (or whoever throws your shower) is in charge of sending invites. I believe the invites went out 2 weeks before the shower.
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