When are you, or how soon did you change your name after marriage?
Do you plan to do it? if so, when, how soon after the marriage license is finalized?

What does this mean legally as far as credit and income tax returns go? Can you in anyway effect your significant other's credit score? what about tax returns... will you HAVE to file jointly?

Also does it take a long time?

I d plan to change my name just not sure when but soon.

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I got married a month ago....still haven't done it. Refer to myself as his last night but eh. I need to do it soon but I have similar questions and just haven't put in the effort to going about changing it. I'm applying for jobs though so I should probably do it soon to avoid confusion.

I'm pretty sure you do effect each other's credit score though (anyone correct me if I'm wrong?)

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yes that's an important question and the tax thing. I can find all kinds of information on HOW to change your name, just not how it can effect you.

My cousin's wife told me she hasn't changed her name yet because they wouldn't be able to get the house that they just got if they did because he doesn't have great credit. She says she has her marriage license and that's good enough for now. She says she signs our last name sometimes but hasn't gone through the process

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I don't know about how it might affect a credit score on top of this but I do know:
-You can file "married: filing jointly" or "married:filing separately"
-Your marriage license makes you married, not the name change, so the above is still true whether you've changed your name or not.

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Changing your name is just that, changing your name. The act of marriage is what instigates those other changes. I don't know much about how it effects your credit, but as for taxes, you do have to file as married as long as you are married by 12/31 of the year the tax form is form. So if you were to get married in January of 2011, you would still file your 2010 tax return as single, even though you would be filing after the wedding. When you file as married, you have the option of married filing joint or married filing separate. Married filing joint is usually the better way to go, especially if you have mortgage interest because both parties have to either take the standard deduction or itemize deductions, so filing separate doesn't get you a bigger refund and usually gets you less.

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I already have our paperwork complete and the minute I say "I do" and sign the paper, my mother is walking everything to the post office and mailing the papers off for me :)

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Changing the name doesn't affect the credit score. The marriage does. Even if you keep your last name you will own half of his debt and vice versa. You would either file as married separately or married jointly but not single since that is tax fraud. (Except the first year I don't think counts depending on when you get married). I will be changing my name asap.

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You can file married filing jointly. You don't have to, but you are taxed more if you don't. You do not affect each other's credit scores, but make sure you're aware of the other person's debt and bills beforehand.

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That's smart Tiffany I think I'm doing the same

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I just can't wait to be able to say that I am litterally a "Jumper" for love. Lame, I know... but my married name will be Jumper. It's good for a smile.

At the prison, they can't call each other by first names to preserve the safety of the officers life off the yard. And they all get used to calling each other by their last names that it carries over into private life. So when we go out with his co-workers, it's weird to hear them all "Hey Jump." "Where's Jumper." And for the longest time, I wasn't "Tiffany," I was "Jumper's bitch/girl/woman/old lady."

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thanks Ladies so much for your help!

I love my last name, don't wanna let it go... but I will eventually, I may hypenate it for a while

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I was married the 31st of last month..I changed my license a few days afterwards and just a week and a half ago changed my social so I could legally change my name at work etc for w4/w2 purposes or what not. I don't know about affecting credit score but I do know you don't HAVE to file together just as long as you file as married.

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In NY, you can actually change your name legally with the marriage license. Either spouse can change their last name simply by checking off a box. The name can be either spouses current last name, a hyphenated version, any previous last name by either spouse or I believe a mix of the two names. You can't make up a new name on the marriage license though.

Obviously, you still have to go through the process of changing SS cards and drivers license, but there's no extra paperwork to legally change it.

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I plan on changing my name right away.

Yes, you can effect your others credit. You have yours, he has his, & yall have yalls.

Yes, you do HAVE to file together, if you don't you can go to jail. I think that's how it is, it may be if you file seperate & say your single instead of married, not sure. I think you're supposed to file together though.

I'm not sure about how long it takes to get your name changed completely, but I've heard it takes a matter of weeks to get your new social security card.

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@STB - you don't have to file together. That's why the 1040 has the option of married filing joint and married filing separate. You have to pick one of those and cannot file as single. Married filing separate is rarely beneficial though.

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I changed all my magazines before the wedding. When we got back from our honeymoon I picked up the marriage license the next day. Went to DMV, social security, and the bank and handled all that. Changed my credit card through an email. I just got my new social in the mail yesterday so my next thing to do is my passport.

Don't forget if you are licensed for anything you have to change that. I am a CPA so I had to contact the two boards I am a member of to get that changed as well.
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