what type of music to play during dinner?
Hi ladies,
What type of music do (did) you play during the dinner? I was thinking about something Spanish-y during the cocktail hour and dance music later, but what to play during the meal and between speeches? What are you ladies planning?

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I'm thinking lounge type music, like ambient (but nothing crazy). Have you ever heard Buddha Bar? Like that. My fiance isn't too crazy about that idea, though. Sinatra would be cool. Are most of your guests Uzbekistani? I remember from my time in Armenia the music having a really strong Persian/Middle eastern influence... a little whiny but could work for dinner. What's the music like there?

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Uzbek music sounds very similar to Turkish, although most of my guests and my FS's family are all Russians. I really don't want the bad Russian pop or cheesy love songs that I have heard at other weddings.

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Yeah, I hear that. Thievery Corporation is a good one, along the lines of the ambient music I was talking about.
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As long as your dinner music can be talked over, it's fine! Generally instrumental is better for this than vocal. This is when your guests will be having conversations, and the music should truly be in the background rather than something everyone notices.

Shannon S.
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We're not doing a sit-down dinner, but I think something jazzy but not too out-there could work, like Diana Krall or Norah Jones.

For my usual dinner parties, I usually play Mojave 3, Stevie Wonder, Hooverphonic, or Marvin Gaye.

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We are having oldies 50/60's love songs play during dinner. I'm a huge fan of oldies music.

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i have a disney instrumental cd ;)

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Thanks ladies! I am thinking about maybe Frank Sinatra type stuff, although I don't know about all the different types of music together:
pre-ceremony -classic
cocktail hour - spanish
dinner - Frank Sinatra style
dancing - mostly, top 40

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Those sound good. Also, bossa nova is nice. I've been compiling a list of Vitamin String Quartet songs I like for pre-ceremony. They actually have an "Alternative Hits of the 80s and 90s" album... I can't wait to hear Possum Kingdom in strings...

The Songifier

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Having a song custom written for you is an option. Let me know what style you want and I'll see if I can produce it for you. Check out my site: http://www.GetSongified.com

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I picked some of our favorite love songs that were hard to dance to, but that I still loved and wanted played. All types of music and all eras.

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We played Sinatra, rat packy type music as well as Michael Buble, Kenny Chesney and a few other slow songs we couldn't incorporate into the dance.

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L. Turtle I am using the Vitamin String Quartet for our pre-ceremony music as well :-) Love them!

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Jennifer - I went through almost all of their songs, picking them out one by one, until I found their Rumours (Fleetwood Mac) tribute album.... I think that's all I want the DJ to play!!

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We opted for soft island/regge type music just because we love that type of music and knew it would be hard to dance to later on.

Events By Doyin

Events By Doyin
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Since its dinner time and people are in a more relaxed mood, slower music will be better. You can look into jazz if you like that type of music. Spanish songs that are not too fast/upbeat will work just fine as well. Goodluck with the planning!

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Before the Ceremony starts we're playing 50-60's love songs..lol...and for Dinner I found a bunch of romantic sounding classical music. Reception Music is going to be a lot of Top40, 80's, Classic Rock, Country (FH and his band and our friends are having a big open jam...gonna be so much!!)

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We're gonna play classic love songs during Dinner: Sinatra, Etta James, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, etc...
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