what to wear UNDER wedding dress?
Hi all- I think i read somewhere that you're supposed to "wear the appropriate undergarments for your dress fitting" but what the heck are the appropriate undergarments? I mean, what are my options? I know there are some "body sucker" thingies I've heard of, but what else should I know about? Anything to help us squeeze into the dress, right :O)? anyone know good or bad brands they've had experience with? thanks!

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I am using Dr. Reys Shapewear.. its is awesome.. I also have spanx but the Dr. Reys shapeware has a built in bra and it helps hold me up in the strapless dress I am wearing..

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Depends on the dress. I think most dresses hold you in well by themselves and you don't need spanx. Plus you want to be comfortable. Most dresses you wear a bridal bra, strapless but has like 20 hooks in the back, so it goes down to your waist. And your petty coat. But then my friend had a dress that tied up the back, so she couldn't wear a bra at all.

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When you try on dresses for the first time they will give you the correct thing to wear, that you can then purchase when you find your dress.

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Proper undergarments would be anything that helps you feel more comfortable in your dress all day and looks good in pictures. For some of us (and especially under certain types of light materials) that means body shapers to keep all your lines smooth and roll/bump free. Depending on your dress you may need a bra to help keep the girls from popping out when your dancing or help them sit "high and tight". Because strapless dresses require strapless bras the ones that come down across your stomach and lower back help it stay in place with all the dancing and such compared to your typical bra with removable straps. Some dresses look nice with a petticoat to make it look fuller while other are meant to be soft and flowing. Ultimately your dress and your body will dictact what the proper undergarments are--your dress shop should be able to give you suggestions once you pick a dress. Good luck!

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Spanx seem to very popular. Sometimes your gown requires a full slip or petticoat. Also don't forget bras, stockings, etc. Any undergarments necessary to enhance your gown and/or your shape and yet is comfortable to you.

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I'm wearing a strapless bra and a "spanx."

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All I wore under mine was a strapless bra, and boy short underwear. I'm really glad that's all I had because I got sooo hot throughout the night without a lot of extra fabric. Also, most of my friends ended up taking off their bridal bras after their ceremony, either because they couldn't breathe or were too hot.

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Dont' wear anything! Haha! Just thinking dirty for the boys!

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Definitely go as comfortable as you can! If you want to go sexy just change into the sexy before you leave for your honeymoon or romantic night!

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There are those sticky cups in place of bras. Thats what I'm using because my strapless dress is a corset back. You can buy them at walmart..they stay pretty well

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When you go to a dress fitting all I basically wear is a strapless bra with the straps attached to hold the girls up, until I try on my dress, honestly look at your dress(es) as you try them on and envision to your self what you coulld put on to smooth out the "fat roll" ( my loving name for the stomach) if all you need to achieve that is some stockings or crotchless full body stocking, go for it.... also take into consideration how HOT you get, saying as if do you get hot easily like me or your cold most of the time ETC ETC, cause that will also dictate what you have on, me PERSONALLY, Probably a pair of panty hose, undies (dress permitting) and a strapless bra....

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im trying to figure out the same thing. i went to davids bridal yesterday and the thing they gave me to wear under it was tight, but kinda thick so it made me look a bit thicker than i actually am. ive been chubby all my life and just a year ago i lost 40 pounds, so now that im skinny enough i wanna flaunt that! i think i deserve it! so i think im just gonna try to find a nice pushup, strapless bra(if i can) and some sexy matching undies.

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I am just wearing some type of "sexy" underwear. I am not wearing a bra because the back of my dress is very low. I will not be wearing spanx or stockings or anything else. The dress is heavy and hot enough. I really don't want to add to it. But make sure whatever you decide you are wearing when they fit you. They are not going to provide anything for you. Some stores will do this when you are trying on dresses but not once you have bought it and are getting it altered.

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panties would be a good start (this coming from a male-lol)

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im getting sexy panties to wear but im unsure about the bra thing. my dress is lace up so i dont know if a bra would show through the slits where it laces up. its also strapless and comes with addable straps if i choose.

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Something to hold me in really tight. My dress is tight through the hips and but so I would like to be as snug as possible. Probally some sort of shaper and strapless bra. I am having problems finding something I like that keeps the girls up high enough.

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I'll be wearing a strapless bra (one that kinda slims the waist) and a slimming slip. The skirt of my dress is simple satin so I need the slip to smooth my silhouette (since satin can be very unforgiving with any bumps or bulges)

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I needed an A line bra and crenoline. They shoudl tell you when you buy/try on the dress what goes under it. (as they will definitly be tryign to sell it to you!) Think about buying your crenoline adn even a-line from a bride on here or ebay if you want to save $$!! I needed to change the size of mine still had tags, sold on here, and ended up buying my size NEW with tags on ebay b/c it was cheaper than the store for like $2 more than I sold mine for which was half the store price!!!
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