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I had originally thought to buy wedding bubbles for my guests to make after the ceremony as we walk out but cant seem to find anything cheap that are nice and realized that we probably wont be able to see them in the pictures anyway. I am on a budget but am thinking of other things i can use that's cool and just might be nice and different so people remember it....any suggestions of where i can get cheap flower petals or wedding bubbles?

If you have any other ideas of what to have people throw let me know! i want it to look nice! :D

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we are doing balloons in our wedding colors and putting a note on it so if someone finds it they can email us i thought it would be cute and fun to see lol hope this helps also heres a site where you can find balloons bubbles and alot more alil cheaper then other places www.orentaltrading.com good luck

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walmart has really cheap bubbles, as do the party stores.

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I went to a wedding recently where they threw petals mixed with some dried lavender buds - it smelled incredible and the lavender helped stretch the petals a bit further so the bride didn't have to buy as many -
This seems like a really good deal: http://www.save-on-crafts.com/frenlavflow7.html
And for petals, I found this: http://www.freshrosepetals.com/
Good luck!!

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What about sparklers? or eco confetti or birdseed?

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whats eco confetti ive heard people use that a lot but have no clue what it is!

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You can get 10 bubbles for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

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It is environmentally friendly and basically dissolves (NO clean-up)- see link at save on crafts - if you google eco confetti you may find a more affordable price, but here it is...GOOD LUCK!!!


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You better double check to see what venues allow, I've been suggusting ribbon wands b/c you don't have to pick anything up after and they can show up in pictures..

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im doing fake rose petals, you can get a big container full of them at walmart in white, pink and white, and red.
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Bubbles are plenty visible in the photos. However, if it is windy, remember that they will blow away too quickly. If having the bubbles in your photographs is important to you, keep that in mind (or put everyone on the upwind side of you).

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I love the lavender! eco confetti is great as well. Save on crafts is really good to work with as well!
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I would suggest eco confetti or flower petals. I would not suggest eco birdseed as it will get in your hair and its difficult to get it out especially if your hair is really made up. Also your photographer won't be able to get great shots of you with the birdseed because you will have a frown on your face because the birdseed is in your hair.
Good luck and congrats.

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I have heard of handing out little silver bells and having people ring them as you exit. It is kind of cute.

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Since we're doing a Christmas wedding and there is no real place for people to line up as we leave, we will have jingle bells for everyone that they can ring so 'make' us kiss during the reception and to ring us off to our honeymoon at the end of the party.

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The bells are a great idea. I have them & was only going to use them for my ceremony departure. Now I think I'll use them for the kisses & reception departure to. Thanks, great idea

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Rose petals, sparklers, pom-poms in your colors, paper airplanes...;)

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I think rose petals are a good option. The give the romantic touch every wedding needs, are not harmful and even spread on the floor they don't look like a mess. You can even have some for your honeymoon, a nice romantic dinner or just a relaxing bath :)

There are many websites where you can get rose petals for a really good price. I personally liked one for all the multiple options they have in colors and may use them for my own wedding. Here is the link:

Hope it helps! Good luck!

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We are doing white rose petals
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