What to put in hospitality/Welcome bag???
so I was going to put together bags for the guests staying overnight with us. Each Lodge has its own kitchen and will be stocked with items for us to drink, but no snacks, so I was thinking about putting things in bag/basket like snacks, also was thinking about putting a flashlight in each, b/c the venue sets up a campfire for us after reception, I thought the flashlight would be helpful when walking back to whatever lodge to stay in, but thats it, thats all I can come up with What else would you like to see in hospitality bag/basket?

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I want to do the same thing! Our wedding is essentially a destination wedding since everyone has to travel to our location...so we want to have welcome bags for everyone in their rooms when they arrive. Any good ideas someone has would be welcome! Thanks!

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sunscreen, lotion, chapstick.


Melissa D Weddings
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The little packs (two pills) of Advil (or Tylenol) and Pepto. You can find those in bulk from a distributor or google it. Also, bottles of water or soda. Any info on the area (either background or things to do). Anything with a local flair (In Philly, it would be Tastycakes, Peanut Chews, etc).

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i agree with melissa i am putting mine in a bucket (beach wedding) with saltwater taffy bottle of water beach ball i am thinkin of sunescreen it depends on how much i also for the koosie i love it say to have and to hold and to keep your drink cold www.OrientalTrading.com has alot of stuff

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Hmmm... Things i'd love to see in a welcome bag: A pen and small pad of paper, some 100cal packs of crackers or something, mints or gum, travel pack of handiwipes and/or a purell, a post card or info packet from the area where the venue is, travel pack of pain reliever (i'd do something non-asprin like Tylenol), chapstick is a good idea, travel pack of tissues (tho i think you said you were doing crypacks? so you prob. wouldnt need that, and maybe if you are doing Programs, it'd be a neat idea to tack one to the outside of the bag or something?

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Sorry Jenn.. i ws mistaken i dont think it was you doig crypacks, so little packs of some no-name kleenex would rock :)

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I was at a wedding a couple Sundays ago, and in their Welcome Bags, they had a Wawa gift card, snacks, and bottles of water. I thought those were pretty good things.
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We always do snacks. Water bottle, (You can make labels that have your names and the date of your wedding), fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, jam (mini jars), gum, microwave popcorn, mini cereal boxes...I think about what time the guests will be in their rooms and what they might like to snack on at that time of the day.


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yaknow.. those little apple snack pack things, they usually have sliced apples with PB or caramel or carrots and ranch even (but that might need to be refrigerated) you can pick those up at walmart for pretty cheap, that might be a good (alternative/healthy) snack as opposed to chips or cookies. If i was a guest at a wedding receiving a welcome or hosp. bag i'd prefer diet-friendly/food restricted items.. hence the 100 cal packs, and the fruit... some ppl cant eat wheat, some cant have too much sugar, some cant eat cheese, etc. Same with the asprin-free pain reliever!

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Definitely some sort of advil or tylenol - I've been to weddings where it was helpful for the next morning. Also - you said your guests are staying over night at a lodge with you - maybe some travel toiletries?

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I would think that depending on how big you wanted to go with it-- anything that you can think of that someone could forget on a trip would be nice: disposable razors, travel-sized bottles of shampoo/conditioner, deoderant, etc

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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Flash light, pretzles, munchie mix, mini choc-bars?, bug spray, sun screen, OOHH!! S'MORES Fixin's! what else are camp fire necessities? hmm..well, when we have a fire we have a sandwich maker and we put buttern so it doesn't stick buns and then pizza sauce and meat and cheese...YUM!! OOOHH!! you could put fantasy fire in there! the powder that make sthe fire change colors!!

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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sorry, it's super cold here (like -30 C) and I'm just fantasizing about summer, when it's warm, ans we're at the river roasting hot dogs and making fire pizzas and smores...yumm..ahh warm summer days..HURRY UP AND GET HERE!

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Mine will have some snacks (chex-mix, candy, chips, crackers, and cookies....We choose by putting my FH favorites in there) We put anti bacterial soap, chap-stick, water, a pen and a note pad, advil, tissue and shout wipes. =)

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I saw in a book one time to put in a Rubick's Cube-those can be addicting!!!I know Michaels has them for $1.00.

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Welcome bags are so hip now! I love it! I'm doing some too, with plain red gift bags that we are stamping instead of having printed (saving $$$). Lots of good ideas here, I'm taking a few of them! In particular the advil and/or pepto, I hadn't thought of that!

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OMG - You ladies are the best - These ideas are excellent!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! =)

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Thanks everyone! I'm doing these too, and stamping bags like Cara, and there are lots of things i didn't think of! Thanks!

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Since you are doing a campfire you might want to consider putting bugspray in the bags.

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