What to do at an engagement party
My best friend is getting married in Jan 2011 and her engagement party is tomorrow. She is hosting it but she doesn't know what you're even supposed to do at engagement parties.. and neither do I, lol... any ideas? Thanks guys!

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no ideas at all? :( ouch

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well... it's a little short notice... if it's tomorrow... and i've never been to an engagement party... i would assume you just hang out, drink, thank people for coming, talk and collect gifts... where is it at?

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Yea its totally short notice :/ its going to be at the best mans house.. I'm was just thinking we could do like some ice breaker games or something since her side and the grooms side have never hung out together.

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Sorry, we skipped the whole engagement party thing... so I'm not sure what to suggest.

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It's pretty much a get together like Kelsey said. I don't think anything special is done. It's just a party that people come to and bring a small gift and hang out and talk! We didn't have one either though!

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I plan to opt out of the whole thing myself too! O well, thnx ladies!

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We're having a combo engagement party/shower next month. Thinking of doing some kind of "couples jeopardy" so people can play a trivia game about me and FH, basically. I don't know if you have time to prepare that, but it seems like a fun game that isn't too cheesy.

We'll also be having snacks and our favorite sparkling wine, and since it's also a shower, some gift-opening.

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Play some games, maybe have like an advice card thingy were everyone can write out their advice to a happy marriage. I always like how well do the bride and groom know each other games. Where they have to guess what their partner will answer to certain questions. Have fun!

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We had an intimate dinner with our moms, grandmas, aunts, uncles and the wedding party. Usually its just a get together for everyone to meet your other half and both familys to meet. Unless its just friends then it could just be a party. Its not really expected to bring a gift to an engagement party. Here are a couple links for Engagement party etiquette.

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We are actually having 2 - 1 in Canada where we live at the moment, and 1 in New Zealand in 2 weeks when we're home visiting. Canada was friends coming over for drinks, some pool playing and hanging out. New Zealand is at a pub and everyone is buying their own food and just hanging out.

I don't know that there's really any requirements for an engagement party - just have fun!

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we played some games and the guests had fun with it. we had each table be a team and they had to answer 10 questions about us..the winning team with the most correct answers won lottery scratch offs :) it was hilarious to see the answers. questions like "where did the couple meet?" "what's their favorite tv show?" there's also the game where the bride/groom sit back to back and give each other one of their shoes. they raise the shoe of the person who is the answer. stuff like "who is going to do most of the cooking?" "who is the better driver?' its funny to see what they agree/disagree on.

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@longhornbride... I like those ideas.
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