What should I wear to my Bridal shower?
So I have my shower this weekend that his aunt is throwing me, so its all his family and a lot of them I have only met once so i am extremely nervous! I want to make a good impression, any suggestions on what I should wear? Its a brunch!

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A nice dress. Is it still warm where you are? if so a summer dress.

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Something a little bit modest, but modern... perhaps a tea length dress ? This one is cute http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=477943&CategoryID=51470

I guess... try to wear something that is you, but an adult "future wife and mother" you... ?

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I like these dresses from Anthropologie:

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Mom N: No its starting to get cold, but a dress should still work

Rachel W.: that dress is so cute and its good length im going to have to check that out.

Do you think heels a inappropriate?

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I don't think heels are inappropriate if you wear them often, though it also depends on where brunch is going to be. If it is being hosted at someone's house, then def. wear heels because you're probably going to kick them off anyway as everyone gets more comfortable. lol

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tea length no cleavage dress, sophisticated heels, some type of cute sweater in case it gets cold! remember to relax and let your personality shine through! have fun :)

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There's no standard..be yourself..be comfortable. I wore a really cute dress I got from JcPenny's for 20 bucks. I agree wtih Eileen..bring a sweater or a "jacket" that's appropriate to the outfit in case it gets chilly. Here's a pic of the dress..it's one of my favorites..I'm obviously in the white/brown/flowery thing with the hot pink sash on ;-)

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thanks everyone! I think i gave a good idea of what im going to wear, ill post a picture of it on the hanger. I still REALLY NERVOUS! so hopefully that goes away

Nicci- your dress is so cute and looks perfect on you!!
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A beatifully fitted off white pant suited with a sexy, yet tasteful white lace cami underneath. Elegant, stylish, sexy and with a nod to a wedding dress and your beloveds tux in a cheeky kinda way ;)

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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dress or a nice shirt and dress capris and a nice sweater!

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I think I got my dress at Dillards, my shower was kind of a formal occasion brunch so I didn't want to wear anything that looked too young. Here is a pic of me and my Mom and sisters, I'm in the middle.

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@Potters---you allll look like at least one other person in that picture! :-)

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ill probably do a nice white cocktail dress with turqouise beading

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Our shower/engagement party was at the end of April and it was still a little chilly, so I wore a mid-length dress with tights and a cardigan. The dress was pretty similar in style to most of the suggestions above.

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You should wear simple dress and make sure your make-up is perfect because there will be lots of pictures taken. We are having a co-ed bridal shower for my neighbor. What types of games would you suggest to keep the guys interested? So far I have the menu planned and the bridal shower favors ordered from http://www.sweet-memory-creations.com What am I missing?
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