What should or shouldn't one see before the Big day
Ok brides and Grooms,

I have a question about what can or cant be seen by the bride n groom before the your wedding day,

I was having this chat with FH this morning and i had started to put a few things together for my vows and his like i cant read them he insisted that he not hear them till our wedding day,

He also said that he cant have a look at the 3 dresses i have photos of that im going to view this week cause its bad luck to see them before the day,and this one i think his made up LOL
That the FH job is to pick both wedding rings and not to see them till the wedding day?
Wha other things ave you all heard that you should or shouldnt do incase of BAD luck ect

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Hayley C™
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If you are going to Believe in the bad luck stuff, then you need to believe in the GOOD LUCK stuff too.

It is Good Luck to find a SPIDER IN your Wedding Dress!
Have fun with that one!!!!!

In my opinion, it is ALL SILLY! My husband saw me in my dress before the ceremony. We did the first look shots at a park. The pictures turned out Beautiful and I don't regret it. (this was one of the shots right after he saw me, he couldn't get his eyes off me)

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eek no thanks to the spider :P

I dont think there is bad or good luck on the day its the couple that make the fate and set the path to the future together your pic is beautiful.

I think my FH wants surprise and makes it more special to not know and knowing that we have made the meaning behind our plans more special and meaningful and from the heart,

Just want t know what others thought :D

Mrs. C
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I agree with Hayley (awesome pic by the way). A first, I didn't want my FH to see me before the ceremony (only because I wanted that WOW factor...I wanted the reaction). Then I realized, we can have that same thing if we "meet" before the ceremony...and it will probably work out better that way (seems like more/better pictures ops, not as strong of an emotional reaction during the ceremony). I don't think you should do these things if the reason is bad luck. If there is a real reason, then I get it. That being said, I think you should both do what you are comfortable with, and what you want to do...not what everyone else thinks you should do.

Soon to be Mrs R
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My FMIL was shocked when I told her that we are doing all of our pics before the ceremoney. She was like " But you won't be married then" and " these modern weddings are weird" lol. I almost choked on my food.

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I don't think its really about BAD luck I just think its his way to put a spin on things.
I personally wouldn't do the photo shoot before the wedding I love the idea that he want's to have some element of surprise to our special day,

We hadn't even talked about getting married and one day he popped the question along with the ring he picked himself and it was a great pick, so I'm not worried about him getting something i don't like,

I was just asking the question to see what other brides & grooms thought and too see what other will or won't be doing.

We are far from doing anything anyone else wants us to do.
This is our day our way!!!

FH has just heard the saying its bad luck to see the dress before the day that's all.

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I think it is up to you and him alone. Our ceremony is later in the afternoon (around 4PM), so to makes things run smoothly, we have to do photo's before the wedding. For me it will calm my nerves a bit to get to see him, and it will still be emotional to walk down the aisle for both of us. Then we get to spend a lot more of the day together, rather than from 4PM on - it is going to go fast as it is. I suppose I am not big on tradition anyways, some we will follow, some we will elect not to. We are still deciding on having a cake and a first dance for example. I say go with your gut feeling on things and you can't go wrong.

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We are also looking at a 4pm ceremony and have opted for a garden reception at a friends home, we will be getting ready at the same place just on inside the home and one up in the granny flat as we have alot of prep work & setting up to do for the reception so we will see each other up until hair, make up ect gets started :D

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