What should my bridesmaids wear?
Ok, here is the story...wedding colors are purple & black, I am wearing a tea length dress with puprle sneakers, my hubby to be is wearing black slacks and a purple dress shirt with short sleeves, we are getting married in our back yard with close friends and family, BBQ, yard games very laid back. My sisters are my bridesmaids and they are not the dress wearing type so I thought I would put them in black slacks and vest with cute short sleeve white shirts....but now I am rethinking it cause it will be July and I really dont want them to be to hot, thought of maybe putting them in gray instead but I still thing they will be to hot. I want them to comfy and able to have fun but not to sweat their butts off. Other than dresses and the slack idea I already had, can anyone give me any suggestions on something I can have them wear?

This pics are the outfits I have put together for myself, my groom and my "idea" for my bridesmaids

Wedding: 07/13/2016
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what about a nice black skirt and a purple blouse?

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Hayley C™
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Just Reenski
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First, yay for purple Converses! I'm wearing knee high purple Converses myself, but under a long dress so my mom is happy that they aren't constantly visible. :)

I'll second Hayley's suggestion of the jumpsuit. They look more breathable(?) and like they won't stick right to you, but are still somewhat dressy looking. Happy planning!
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Yes I would suggest jumpsuit as well… its elegant… and not a dress


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What about black dressy capris and a purple top?

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I also say capris

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Thanks for all the suggestions, skirts wont work cause as I said they aren't really dress people....to be honest either am I but I figure since its my wedding I can make an exception just once. : )
I am afraid that with capris they wouldnt look special, or just way to casual...I mean I know it is a backyard BBQ kind of wedding but I would like them to look at least once level up in dressiness than the rest of the guests.
And as far as the jumpsuits go...my sisters are bigger girls and I wouldnt want them to be self-conscious as most jumpsuits aren't very forgiving to full figured girls.
I dont mean to shoot down all of your ideas, it is just I am looking for that thing that just feels perfect.

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No dresses, no jumpsuits, no capris, no skirts, no black pants... I'm not sure what is left???

I vote no on the black slacks/vest/white shirt idea because it reminds me of the wait staff and certain restaurants.

Have you asked them what they want to wear? Are you sure they won't wear black capris? I think black capris and a purple tank in the right materials could be very pretty.

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If you can suck it up and wear a dress for this day then why can't they? I say find a really cute sundress that they can wear as well since you've basically nixed all the other ideas and you're just about out of options at this point.

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T-shirt dresses are comfortable and casual. I think someone can stand wearing a dress for 8 hours.

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I'm sure they would wear a black dress for you. If its a wrap dress and a little past the knee it will be flattering. They may even like the idea of dressing up for this occasion even if they don't normally wear them.

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what about something like this? looks kind of like a skirt, but its not. and its flowy enough for hot weather.

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First I love your inspiration pics. Purple is amazing plus converse and bee theme. Too cute!

I'd ask your sisters what they would feel comfortable wearing. You maybe surprised.

Your hubby to be will be wearing black slacks. Why can't your sisters? I would nix the vest and find a short sleeve light weight purple blouse. I'm a big girl and live in Florida. I wear pants constantly and if I pair them with something light on top I'm good to go.

Maybe a top like this with a shrug?

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NO to the jumpsuits! Not everybody looks good in a jumpsuit, in fact, most people do not. They look ridiculous. In my opinion.

You could do a classy cut capri (Think Audry Hepburn), And a purple shirt tank, as I'd agree that he black and white would look like waistaff.

And I think they'd be more comfortable in pants in the heat, as I always am. When I wear skirts my thighs rub, it gets hot, miserable....lol!

Wedding: 07/13/2016
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Hmmm...capris are sounding more and more the best option...any one know of a place that sell some that look really nice and not like some K-mart special...lol...that seems to be all I find when I look.
Tyra R. thanks! Bee's are kinda our thing...my hubby wrote me a poem about us in relation to bees not long after we first got together & we kinda have just rolled with it over the years and made it our own, we even came up with some ideas for our own coat of arms.

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Not sure if anyone already suggested khaki shorts for guys and skirts for girls in coordinating colors or a nice casual sundress from a store that complements all the ladies. Consider polo shirts for the guys or a white tank top with a opened button up short sleeve shirt to add color for the guys. The button up not only add color it can be removed if it gets too hot.

Best Wishes!!!
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