What should I get my future bride for her birthday to get her excited about our wedding?
To be clear, my future bride is very excited about our upcoming wedding in Feb. Her bday is in early Aug and I would like to get her something to show her that I also am excited about the big day. Any ideas?

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fun question. YOu could find out if there are any bridal shows in your area around that time or just following and buy some tickets and go with her? Its super nice to see guys at those things cause its alot of girls wtih a bm.

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or you could take her shopping for her bridal jewellry if she doesn't have it yet, neclace & earings?

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I made all my thank you cards using my friends mom's press/embosser thing. I really liked it and FH went and got me one for my b-day, contacted friends mom to find out how to order it and what it was. Really listen to what she likes, and Im glad you posted this question it's very sweet.

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Thank you

Angie B
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Does she have one of those big wedding planning books, or maybe a subscription to a bridal magazine.
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Love that you are thinking about this-I bet she'll love it too! :) The ideas are great so far. this is something small but sentimental that I came across today. If you guys are writing out your own vows-you could get a "vows book" where you both write your vows and read them from this book on your wedding day. It then becomes a really sweet keepsake thereafter. Here is the one I came across: http://www.etsy.com/listing/83902685/wedding-vows-book-wood-engraved-romantic?
Good luck with your present shopping and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

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You could give her something blue for the wedding day.....or ask a woman in your family if they will lend her a piece of jewelry or hanky or something sentimental so she has something borrowed.....

You could make her a little scrapbook or give her a memento box and fill it with pieces of paper where you write down reasons why you're excited to marry her. Maybe one of those boxes where the lid doubles as a picture frame.

Buy her a gift card to a spa so she can start getting regular mani/pedis or scrub treatments or whatever pre-wedding pampering she wants to do.

Buy her a salon gift card to cover her hair and makeup for the day.

??? Not sure of your budget for the bday gift, just brainstorming.

Ooooooh, have you guys picked a cake/dessert yet? You could contact the bakery and have a mini wedding cake made and give it to her as a birthday cake. That way she could see it and taste it in person. That might be really fun.

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OMG Shawna that is so sweet.

Joe, pretty much anything you find on etsy that's wedding-related is a safe bet. Girls love etsy. :)

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Oooh, is there something you know she wants for the HM? Like, a new swimsuit, a new travel bag, a new purse, a monogrammed tote bag with her new married monogram on it?

Oooooh, how about a charm bracelet? With the promise that you'll buy her a new charm every year for her birthday? This year's charm could be wedding-related. My grandfather gave my grammy a charm bracelet early in their marriage and added a charm every time they travelled to a new country - so there's a sombrero charm for Mexico, a windmill for Holland, a beer stein for Germany, etc. My grandparents are passed on and it's one of my prized possessions now.

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Andplusalso can I give you my H's email address so you can show him this thread? Please and thank you. :)

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Gm WW I too dont want to run in that problem my soon to be wife's Bday is in August 10 days before we get married followed by a honeymoon in conneticut but she dosn't do the girly thing so I am stuck.


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Diamonds. Big ones.

Mrs. Duncan
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I agree with SoontobMrs.Smith about the bridal show. My FH went to one with me this past weekend and I loved being able to experience that with him.
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