What order do you get announced into the reception?
I know the order the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen go in but do you put the Ringbearers before the Bridesmaids or after. Then do you announce the parents into the Reception first.

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I'm going to have them announced in the same order they walked down the aisle. We aren't announcing parents but if we were I would have them go first.

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At my cousin's wedding they announced teh parents/grandparents I think after the toasts, before people got ready to eat; and had them stand up at their tables when their names were called. But I'm sure there are many different ways to do it..I'm not sure about ringbearers?
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Amanda - It's really up to you and Jeremy, but a typical announcement order would be:
Parents of the Bride
Parents of the Groom
Flower Girl & Ringbearer
Bridesmaid(s) & Groomsmen announced as couples
Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man
You & Jeremy.
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I agree with what Dan posted for the order. Normally I play the song the bridal party walked down the isle to and play a good up beat song for announcing the bride and groom as this will set the mood for the evening.
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We typically announce the wedding party only in ascending order, with the flower girl and ring bearer first, and all the way to the best man/maid of honor just before the bride and groom.

We give our brides a choice to announce/acknowledge the bride and groom's parents. About 30-40% of the time they respond.

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Yeah thats they Way I was thinking it went then I was Confused as to where parents went in. I know I wanna announce my parents but I don't know if My FH will want to walk in because of medical Conditions they have.

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we did Dan's lineup only our ushers were the groomsmen & we only had 1 FG.

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I'm not having the DJ announce anyone but me and my fh... it's just easier that way and everyone knows each other...
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