What is a typical budget for a wedding?
What is everybody's typical budget for their wedding. We are paying for this all by ourselves. So i dont want to go blind into planning. I did the estimated budget for everything and I think I got about 23,000. approximately. Is that pretty accurate.

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It all depends on what you (or whoever is paying) can afford. The cost of things depend on the region you are in, what your tastes are, what things you do or not want, what type of event you are having...... There are people that spend 1,000 and there are some that are spending 70,000.

You decide on a budget based on what the total amt you can afford to / are willing to pay. Then go from there breaking that sum down to see how you can make that work and how much to a lot to each thing.

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It depends. Your budget should be what you can afford without borrowing money. Some people have a 20K budget and others have a 5K budget for the same amount of people. Planning-wise, I used www.costofwedding.com to get an idea of realistic costs in my area.
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Also depends on where you're located. If you're in a major metro area (I'm in NYC, for example), the average cost of a wedding for 150 guests with all of the usual bells and whistles will average around $30-35k. Go somewhere else, and it'll be a bit less.

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What worked for me is the amount of money I could save a month times the number of months till the wedding, and then I added 1000 dollars just cause...

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Depends on the state you are in, the location (urban vs rural), the number of guests, full dinner reception vs cake/punch, etc.

Most of the brides in my area (houston) that I know of have a budget between 5K and 30K. FH and I are right around the middle of that.

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Well I think you'll be fine if you stick to your budget. When I did my estimate I was nearing the $40,000 range, but I think I will be able to come in way under. There were some areas where I caught a deal, and others where I went overboard. Make a lust of important things and then go from there. Food was important to me and boy did I over do it there. ; )

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I'm planning mine on a much smaller budget so far I think we will come in just under $6500.00. But I'm only having 65 guests and its very low key

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Our actual budget actually is between $27,000 to $30,000 for 150 guest only because we picked a venue that was all inclusive and I plan weddings so much I didnt want to have to do anything for mine Im still thinking of doing my own centerpieces and flower and invitations and thats about it. which will cut our cost to about $28,500 so it depends on what you want really. e have alot of extras that most people dont usually do also.

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My budget is about $1500 and so far we have calculated that we will only spend half of it. Eighty percent of our things are already purchased so we know that we will not be buying anything else for our wedding. We are having 100 guests.
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My FH and I are paying for everything ourselves, so we set a budget we were comfortable with. Our original budget was $10,000 but the I wanted to stick more around $7500. I've done some rough estimates (I usually estimate higher than needed) and it looks like I can come in under the $7500. Our wedding is for between 50 - 75 guests. I am also (like a lot of other brides) doing a lot of DIY things. That has cut my costs down good bit as well. I've also cut out things from my wedding like the limo.

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not sure what the average is but my budget is $15,000 and I have 90% of my wedding booked. Currently I am $1,500 under budget :-) $$$

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We're doing ours for 7.5k, we're 75% paid off, and are having a sit down dinner for 80 people, open bar for 4 hours, in fort lauderdale, FL to give you an idea.
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i think we are gonna hit the 15-16K range. bbut Im guessing there.

It totally depends on what you want in your wedding, location, guest numbers, bridal party #'s, etc etc etc. I would sit down with your FS and plan out your wants/needs and go from there. good luck!

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I agree with Ana T. check out this site to get an idea of what to expect in your area.


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Yes I agree that it totally depends on your location. The venue and catering is the big thing to take into account. But a good way of figuring out a rough estimate is by the amount of guests. On average a wedding costs anywhere from $50.00 to about $150.00 per guest. So lets say 200 people and average in the middle for cost at $100.00 would be $20,000.00. Mine is working out to be $67.00 per person at 200 guests. Granted that doesn't include my dress, FH suit, our rings (can't really count that part if you are figuring out how much per guest). With everything ours will be about $80.00 per person, or $16,000.00. Good luck :)

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First thing we did was decided we wanted to be debt free so we started saving. We saved $17,600 and so far the budget is at $15,400 with everything paid expect for small things. I live in a small town in texas and the average is about $20,000.

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FH and I are paying for pretty much everything by ourselves, and our budget is about $10,000.

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CostOfWedding.com says the average cost of a wedding in the Dallas area, excluding rings and honeymoon, is between $18,363 and $31,060, so your budget seems pretty close to average for your area. This is based on an average of between 139 and 153 guests.

However, it is possible to go much lower. We had a wedding and reception near Boston, and then a second reception near Washington, DC, all for under $10,000, and the cost of living either of those places is much higher than for Dallas. It really depends on what money you can spare, how many guests you want to invite, etc.

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I believe were at 6,000 200 guest.
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