What is TTD?
What is a trash the dress photo session?

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It stands for Trash the Dress. Google it and you will find several different techniques you can use. You can do paint, mud, river, beach etc.

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Pretty much you go around and do things in your dress that you wouldn't normally or before the wedding. here are a few pics

they deff come out beautiful!

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Here are some examples...

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I love the idea.. I had no idea about it until coming to this site.. I really think im going to do it!!

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I am planning on doing this but not with the dress I am wearing in my wedding. I want to save my dress and preserve it, so I am buying an inexpensive white floor length dress to do these pics. I think they are going to be awesome!!!

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That sounds and looks like a really interesting idea. I might have to think about doing that myself!

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I'm seriously considering it! My thoughts are to do it perhaps for our First Year Anniversary in the future, also I'd buy an affordable-cheaper dress from ebay (they have plenty of sellers that ship from China). I love the beach type scenery, so we are probably going to do something like that :)

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You don't necessarily have to get the dress from China. I just purchase a pre-owned dress off of ebay for $37 with free shipping. The gal that was selling it had originally had paid $1300 for it. I just posted yesterday that there was an Oleg Cassini, Mori Lee, and a Casablanca dresses all for less than $150 on there too. When you do search just type in "pre-owned wedding dresses" you get different dresses then if you type in wedding dresses.

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yeah, I was going to tell you to go with the ebay dress like Kimm P. said. I got two from there for super cheap for some photo shoots, and they were awesome. I actually altered one of the dresses, because it had a lace collar (the original was actually really old fashion~similar to the first pic below), but after I altered it, it looked a LOT better (pics 2 & 3).

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Google it or use the search bar on this site (upper right area of the page), there have been a jillion threads on this.

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I soooo cant wait to do ttd pics, i think it will be so much fun :)

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This was more fun than the wedding! :)
I bought a cheap BM that was a sample to do this.

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