What is the BEST wedding favor your ever received?
I've only been to a few weddings that even did favors, so I'm curious to hear what other people are giving out. I have received: a photo album, a shot glass, coasters, someone donated to charity in lieu...that is honestly all the favors I can remember. You guys?

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Honestly, I have never attended a wedding with favors. Thank God! The last thing I need is a trinket.

If you are going to do favors, I would suggest making them edible. That seems to be the favorite thing at weddings (or other events).

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I have only been to a few. I got matches from one, nothing from another, and gourmet cookies at the last one. The gourmet cookies were by far my favorite!

Angie B
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I think chocolates are the best because I love chocolate and who really needs a trinket. We personally are doing dove candies and hershey kisses due to the silver and blue being our wedding colors

Just Reenski
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Candy, mainly chocolate candy.

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Candy/Edible stuff. The rest got thrown away.

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Candy! I love candy buffets :)

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great idea about a donation to a charity! I love it!

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I would say the best wedding favor I have come across are these little mason jars of chocolate, coconut and key lime pie mousse layered on top of each other in that order... But I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate that into my wedding bc I HAVE to distribute dates after the ceremony (it's a religious thing) but dates and coconut mousse don't go together... Maybe I ll have the mousse jars at the table settings and have my bridal party distribute dates after the ceremony.

But these little jars of coconut and chocolate mousse r soooo flipping good.

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Edible stuff but not personalized M&Ms. I am finding the concept of eating something the couple's heads on truly bizarre. But in general I don't care for favors.

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I think the charity donation is a really great favor, especially if it has meaning. When my uncle got married he and his wife made a donation to the American Cancer Society because they had both recently lost their fathers... I thought that was really special. If you rescued your puppy maybe a donation to the Humane Society, if you're alumni of the same college maybe a donation to your school or a scholarship fund... etc.

I was a cater-waitress at weddings in college and saw a lot of random stuff. I definitely vote for food! Candy, yummy cookies, etc.

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We are doing lottery tickets and chapstick

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We did mini bottles of maple syrup (real, 100% maple syrup, not that log cabin wannabe stuff), and they were a big hit.

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I've only been to one wedding that did favors and it was the little bottles of maple syrup... I used both bottles and I didn't see any left behind at the wedding so I assume everyone else used them too!

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after seeing this thread post, I'm thinking gatorade 20oz with a tag and ribbon explaining it AND a donation made in lieu of each guest for the Children's Tumor Foundation, for maybe like $5 / per person. (its a charity that has a team which "we" do fundraising for... aka- I do most of it) ... Anyways, how about that? :) ...see gatorade thread for more info. http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-forums/gatorade-for-wedding-beverages-favors/762c58aa13ffec20.html
...but Steve just glanced over from the game that is on (stanley cup) and pointed out the maple syrup comment and gave a big grin! he is a huge fan of maple syrup! Oh, no... my gatorade idea might be ruined!
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I received a glass rose once. It was beautiful. :)

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Just a note on the charity donations:

I think it is a great idea too, but keep tact in mind. If you are donating to charity as the favor, I think you should give guests an option to donate to the charity of your choice in lieu of buying a wedding gift along with the traditional registry options.

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A very nice, obviously expensive, large candle in a tin. I still have it after 2 years and love it!

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I have been to many wedding where favors were given to guests. Each time, I left the favors. However, when candy was the favor, I made sure I partook!

Because of that, FH and I have agreed to have a candy, cookie and cupcake table and will provide our guests with gifts boxes and bags.
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Anything edible. I have enough junk without bringing home more from weddings. ;)

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We're thinking tequila :) The only favor we have ever gotten was a small bottle of sparkling apple cider, most people took it.
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