What is the actual / proper way to wear you E-ring and WB??
Ladies I'm confused as to what ring goes first when one WEDS.
I've seen some brides with the band and followed with the engagement ring.

If the engagement takes place before one weds why would we put the wedding band before the E-Ring during the ceremony?

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It's just personal preference. I have my e ring first and then my band. My e ring is the symbol of the promise followed by the sealing of the band as the I DO. It was just the symbolism that I wear mine that way. But there really is no right or wrong way to wear them.

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According to my jeweler you put on the wedding band first and then the engagement ring on top. The wedding ring is supposed to go first cause it "supposedly" rests on a nerve that goes all the way to your heart. During the ceremony he puts it over your engagement ring and then afterword you can switch them.

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I figured it was a personal preference.
However I did feel like I wanted to make sure by asking other wives and the wives to be.
I also prefer to wear My E-ring then seal our promise with My WB when we WED.

Now my next question is if Im planning to seal our Engagement promise with Wedding do I keep my E-ring on , the day we WED?? or put them both on when we exchange Vows?

Thanks for the feed back Diana.

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@ Elizabeth My Jeweler mentioned the same thing , they said the WB sits closest to your heart..

But I dont get why, I personally feel that if I got engaged first I will keep My E-ring first and follow with my WB..

But I guess like Diana said there is no right or wrong way to wear your rings :)

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I kept my e ring on the left hand during the ceremony and then just put the band on when the vows are stated.

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I wear my wedding band then my e ring on top of it. I think it looks better that way and because of the "it sits closer to my heart" thing. I know we got engaged before getting married but I think getting married is the bigger commitment so it is more important to me. That's why it sits closer to my heart.

As for the ceremony, I just kept my e ring on my finger where it's been since I got it. Then after the ceremony I switched them so that the band went under my e ring. How you do it is all a matter of personal preference.

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Most of the brides I have seen opt not to wear the engagement ring on the wedding day. I have always been told the wedding band goes first because it is supposed to be the closer to your heart than the engagement ring.

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Personal preference, but the majority of people wear the wedding band first, then the E Ring. I wore my E Ring on my right hand and then put in back on my left after the ceremony.

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My married friends wear wedding ring then e-ring. The more active ones have a very logical reason. They tend to take their e-ring off before they work out, go hiking, dancing, etc. But they always keep their wedding ring on. So it makes sense to have the ring they take off regularly on top.
I'm taking the same easy approach as my mom, one fits inside the other, no order to think about.

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i just asked the same question and i was told also that the band first because its the closest to your heart then the e-ring thats how am going to wear mine it just looks better also on my wedding i was going to wear my ering on my right hand but my right is bigger then my left so it tight so am just going to take them both off and let him but them both on but like the other ladies said it what ever u like

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i put my e-ring on my right hand right before he put on the WB (forgot to switch). then later i put the e-ring back on my left hand. thus it goes WB then e-ring.

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I am going to have FH put both on during the ceremony, my fingers swell when I am emotional so I doubt it will fit my right hand on the day lol.
I will wear WB first then ER. It looks better with my set, I want it closer, and I will take my E ring off more for work and cleaning n cooking.

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My jeweler told me when I got married that you put your wedding ring on first because it's closer to your heart. I didn't really question it lol.

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Same here, on the day I put the e-band on, then switched the rings after the ceremony. I grew up believing the WB goes on first, then the E-Band

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I Guess it really is a matter of personal preference.
I think what makes sense to me and looks prettier will be to keep my E-ring on and then have my FH place my WB on during the exchange of VOWS.. then again I've been considering an identical WB to place closest to my heart as well therefore I would be having a total of two bands.
Now the issue here would be I dont know if it would be tooo much!! but then again thats probably my personal preference as well.

Thanks ladies I love all the feed back :)

W.W is such an awesome site.

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I am following my mothers lead. She has never taken off her wedding band. she took off her e-ring right before my dad put the band on her hand. she put her ering back on but has never removed her band.

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I've heard that the wedding band is supposed to be closest to your heart, so it goes first followed by your engagement ring. That's just my preference.

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i say the most expensive ring on the inside!! lol Plus its kind of a sign of the Wedding band Locking in the marriage by being on the outside :)

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i just stumbled upon this question and i've heard that wearing the wedding ring on the outside is a symbol of a hotwife just like a bracelet on the right ankle. to the fast growing alternative cuckold lifestyle, wedding ring on the outside symbol sex outside of marriage.
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