what is reasonable budget?
I am constantly finding that I cant find things cheap enough. I want a nice wedding, my parents aren't going to help me AT ALL, and I just can't seem to save enough money. My fiance and I are both in our last year of college, but we are heart-set on getting married next summer. Our budget for just the ceremony and reception is about $3500. I am finding that things are more expensive than I had thought, but I am still trying to take the cheapest route that will still make me happy. We want a cruise for our honey moon and have estimated that to be about $3000. so total about $7000 (including any extras... tips... accidents.. etc.) is this reasonable or not? I mean I want everyone to still have fun and it to be a great day for us as well. with $200 I have almost all of my decorations for both the ceremony and the reception. and for $160 I can have all of my invites, thank yous, and enclosure cards. Our ceremony site is free but we want to put in a $100 donation. Im just lost here!

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It depends on what you are looking for for your wedding. IMO, it might not be enough. Are you including your dress, your FH's tux, flowers, food, etc. in that budget? My FH and I are trying to do things as cheep as possible as well, but we are still pushing over 25K. I'm not saying that you can't do it on that budget, but it might be REALLY hard.

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It really depends on what you want and how you want to do it, as well as where you are. When we planned our wedding in Chicago, food was $90per person, but in FL it's $30. So location plays a factor. Also, it depends on how many guests you want to invite. If you're having 35 people, then you can spend $50 per person on food, but if you're having 200, you're likely going to have to increase your budget. Will you be happy with a simple dress that costs $150, or do you want an ornate ballgown for 10x the price? If that budget includes your rings, will you be happy with a plain white gold band for $100, or do you want an eternity band for $1000? When you do your budget you really have to look at what you want and then do some research to estimate cost. Lots of brides on here have had $2,000 wedding budgets and have had beautiful weddings, but their styles are suited to that; if yours arent, then you may want to rethink your date to have some more time to save.

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Reasonable budget is relative to what you and your husband can afford to spend on your wedding day/honeymoon without going broke and into debt. Of course all bills and necessities for survival have to come before the wedding. Do what you can afford and if necessary postpone the honeymoon until you are able to take it without it being a financial burden on you two.

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I have no idea where the money will come from, but we ve budgeted 16k. Not a penny more!

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Opps I meant to say fiance or future husband *

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After watching 4 Weddings last night, I've decided budget means nothing. One bride had a $45K budget & her wedding was definitely nothing special, she didn't win. And much of it was quite tacky.

A much nicer wedding can be done for a heck of a lot less.

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I agree, Jazmine! I've seen a bunch of super high budget weddings on 4 Weddings and budget does not equal quality.

Last I read the average wedding cost was $32,000. But that's averaging between the platinum brides that spend a half million on their weddings and the chick on 4 Weddings that called out for pizza as her catering.

I'd say, save money where you can, but on the big things (i.e. food), you should be prepared to spend some money.

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My budget is $2,000.. But, we are DIY alot of things.. I have everything rounded that I need and my estimate of total spending is $1,000.

STB Mrs Van Blargan
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But that doesnt include afew things, such as honeymoon..

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have you thought about having your reception at a family member's house? If you know someone who has a big yard then it might be feasible to do that ... And then maybe if you can and know of people who are good cooks they can cook the food for you as their wedding gift to you ... just make sure they aren't the ones serving it, check with a local catering company and see if you can borrow some servers for the day and a bar tender ... Also you may have to move the date back, once my FH and I began to look at the prices and we visit some people we more than likely are going to have to push our wedding back as well ... because the money just isn't there ...

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its hard saying what your budget should be since we dont know what kind of wedding you want...sounds like you are on the right track.
One great way to save $ is the food-brunch food is usually cheaper than lunch/dinner or planning it at a time when you can do just light appetizers will also help

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I think you need minimum $5,000.00 if most will by DIY. My fiancé's cousin did hers at a local tree farm, catered a pig roast, bought all the drinks and booze herself and she spent $5,000.00. Things add up quickly.

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What is most reasonable is to work within your budget. That means not being guilt tripped into spending what others insist you "must have" for your wedding. You will find a lot of sudden experts who assure you that you must do X,Y, and Z for your wedding, learn to say, my budget, my wedding. my way. You have come to the right place there are loads of great suggestions and ideas for wedding planning.

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my dress is amazing and it was only $100 (pic) and its already paid for, so that is not included in the budget. Im from VERY SMALL town iowa. i really dont want a caterer, but the one that we have been considering is $8 per person. so for 200 ppl it would be $1600. which is WAY more than i would want to spend. A bunch of my family has already siad they they would help with food. My aunt is doing my dress alterations... for free! and she's also gonna help me with my bouquets and everything flowers. She gets super discounts because she does wedding planning and that kind of stuff. so that all helps. everything around here is considerably cheaper than anywhere else. i have been super shopping to see where i can get what for the cheapest prices. and its been going pretty good actually. better than i thought. the budget planner that i have on this site is still at about $5000 not including honeymoon.

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the bast cost for getting married is the cost of the marriage license, all else is just extra. i know that it is hard and easy to get caught up in everything else, but keep doing it for a price that you can afford as priority!

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I think your budget is reasonable in some peoples eyes its high or low. I think its right where it should be because if you take out the 3000 dollar honeymoon your budget is roughly 4 grand and My reception hall is 5,000 dollars by its self. So I think your budget is great. My dress was 700 my photographer 1400 my DJ 450 my limo 1,000 and thats just the tip of the ice berg so I think you are doing excellent on keeping your budget maintained.

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We're doing ours for $6,500. We're waiting a while after we're married to go on a honeymoon, so we'll start saving for that once we have the wedding all paid for. I think you could have a beautiful wedding for $3500 if you are willing to work within your budget. The key is to prioritize, get those 3 or so must have items first, and then see what you still have to work with. Think outside the box when it comes to venues, try community buildings, such as american legion halls, community centers, eagles club, lions club, VFW halls, etc.

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I think it is reasonable,
but does it sound realistic to you?

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As long as you can afford it then it is reasonable! Just do a lot of DIY projects. Maybe you could get a hold of Amber (aka Kali) on here and she could give you a few tips. She did really good with her wedding and I think her budget was around yours without the honeymoon.
I would make you own food to save costs if you have the volunteers! My cousin and his wife did that and it turned out wonderful! And the food was way better than any caterer that I have tasted. Also keep your guest list down to cut costs and if you could find a free yard, park, or most fire halls rent for pretty cheap to have your reception.

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A lot depends on how many guests you are inviting, and what you are inviting them for. For example, if you are inviting a small number of family members, you may be able to have a reception in your living room or take them out to a nice restaurant for a lot less than your budget. If you want to have a larger number of people, you could have a cake and punch reception in the church social hall. But if you are looking for a catered dinner with an open bar and a live band for 150 people, you're just not going to get there on your budget.
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