what information goes in the wedding program...other than the line up of event?
other than.... a map of the events...

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I listed the bridal party. Here is an example of my 2 inside pages

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In addition to the bridal party we are going to list our vendors names and write a thank you to our guests on the back of ours.

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And we are also going to put a description of the bridal party's relation to us. For example:

Jane Doe, friend of the bride..............Maid of Honor
John Doe, brother of the groom..........Best Man

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My daughters programs list the bridal party and parents on the left side and those doing the Guest Book, Gifts, and vendors on the right hand side.

On the back, there is a short thank you to guests for attending as well as a request to turn off cell phones and not to take flash photos.

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thanks ladies!

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Anyone involved in the wedding in anyway (planning, register attendant's, musicians, officant, wedding party, special guest such as MOB, FOB, MOG, FOG, special ppl to you such as grandparents you want to honor) and you could mention reception if it is to follow directly after an all are invited. If you are doing a memorial things (like a candle) you may provide a brief explanation.

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We're also writing the relationship of the BP members. We haven't been together long, and our families don't know each other at all, so we thought it'd be a nice way to let them know who's who.

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Kathy R. Why not take flash photo's? At the church my daughter is getting married it says the same thing, but the new pastor says it is ok since he sees no reason for not taking photos with flash.

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@Mom N - The reason for no flash photos is that it will interfere with the actual photographer. Plus, the room has two mirrored walls. That would cause horrid flashes in the mirror, bouncing back into the professional photos.

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I've only got the order of ceremony and list of wedding party on one side and an activity on the other side. They're pretty basic.

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Thank you all for the ideas!!
@Kathy R... I would have never thought about the flash photos issue... FH is concerned with ppl getting up to taking pictures during the mass anyways..when ppl are running up and down the sides of the pews trying to take pictures... it can be very distracting

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@Danielle, yours are cute!
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