What dresses are you changing into after the ceremony is over?
I'm trying to find a cute dress, but no luck. Of course, I don't want to spend a lot of money.. Any ideas, ladies?

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Not changing after the ceremony. My wedding gown isn't coming off until naked time!

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Same here. My dress is so pretty...I don't want to wear it for only 30 mins. I want to wear it all night long. Not coming off till naked time as well.

Lee I.
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Hahahahahaha @Sara P.! Naked time =P

Yeah, I'm not changed into anything either.. just taking off the lace top if it gets too hot!

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I am not changing after the ceremony and after the reception I will still have my dress on until we go to bed. Going to the cruise ships Halloween party dressed as a Bride!

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ha...I spent way too much money on my gown to wear it for only the ceremony...I kept that thing on all night!

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Not changing..i am gonna wear it all night..didn't spend all that money on it to change into something else..i will be changing shoes though!

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Yes, I agree. I didn't change because loved my dress and spent too much on it to wear it for a short amount of time.

I do think dress changes are cool. I know guests ooh and awe when the bride changes to something different. Some brides incorporate a cultural dress into their reception.

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That's what I was planning on, but of course all these people are telling me I'll be tired and hot. My dress is gorgeous and I am ready to suffer :)

But if anyone does change, post a link to the sire just for some ideas..

2d Bride
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Not only did we not change after the ceremony, we wore our dresses again for our at-home reception three days later. As expensive as they were, we were going to get all the use we could out of them.

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Not changing! I paid too much to not wear it till Naked Time!!!!

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I thought about it because my dress is puffy and a bit heavy - and my family thinks I should find soemthing with more glitters or fashion on it since my gown is a romantic simple dress... but idk... after paying over 1500 on my dress, I am not motivated to spend another big amount unles I get a recycle gown that will leave me speechless lol

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I'm not changing either. I love my dress and want to wear it all night!

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Kate Middleton's second dress :)
so pretty! I don't think I could pull this off.. she looks gorgeous. I'm surprised that she went with long-sleeve for both occasions, nevertheless, she looks great!

p.s. my cousin wore a sexy green dress mid-way through the reception.. all eyes were on her :)

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double post
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I love my dress (and paying way too much) to only wear it for the ceremony. I'll only wear it once and it's staying on all night.

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We are marrying in the morning and doing a TTD shoot right after the brunch reception, then we have another gathering with all 20 of our guests at a Luau. My dress will be wet and sandy so I am now searching for something to wear to the Luau. Not sure if I want a print or to stick with white/ivory. The dress was $700 but to be honest a big thorn in my side and the only reason I am wearing it is because FI wants me to, but the compromise was that we could do the TTD.

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just trading in the heels for a pair of flip flops..will probably ditch my slip after the first dance and bouquet/garter toss too.

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I think the tradition of changing dresses was for the couple who were leaving immediately for their honeymoon - they would leave from the reception so bride and groom would change into their travel clothes.

I am wearing my dress until my honey peels it off me that night (and if I don't lose weight he really will have to peel it off me LOL!)

Gonna B Mrs. B
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I'm with the other ladies, keeping it on all night until the end.

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I will change to another pretty dress. I like to feel comfortable. I spent alot on my ceremony dress but I dont feel bad changing to something I can move around with ( and as pretty in a different style)
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