What does the mother of the bride wear?
I need help what does the mother of the bride wear my main color is fuchsia pink.

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Whatever she's the most comfortable in. She's not obligated to match your bridal party.

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Anything that doesn't clash with that color. If you need ideas, I know Alfred Angelo and I think David's Bridal have lots of MOB/special occasion stuff. You can look at their color charts to get an idea of what would look good.

My thoughts: Orange, green, yellow, blue. Whatever your mom feels comfortable in, really.

My colors are chocolate, burnt orange and deep red. My mom is currently planning a forest green dress.

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My colors are purple and silver. My mom is a purple hater so she will be wearing silver and my step-father will be in a black tux with matching silver tie/vest. Whereas the rest of bridal party will be wearing purple. We thought her dress would be a wonderful contrast to all the purple. How does you mom feel about wearing pink?

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shes ok with pink I just want to be puking up fuchsia Lol unless she did a light pink...

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I think a pastel pink would be pretty.

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My mom wore a knee length dress with a cute jacket. Her dress matched our color scheme and the style of my bridesmaid dresses. Our bridesmaid dresses had rows of fabric, I called them my mummy dress. My mom's dress mimicked this look. She got her dress at Younkers (aka Boston Store.) Not sure if you have that by you. But it was very reasonable. And she can wear it again.
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Some of the classiest MOB dresses I have seen lately have been in a shiny silk steel grey or other neutral colors. They look great in pictures and don't clash with the colorful bridesmaid dresses. They look age appropriate and allow the bride to stand out in the pictures.

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As long as she is okay with then take her shopping and let her chose something that she is comfortable in though is the color that you want.

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I have same issues, and of what my grandma would wear since she is the one walking mein the isle first(then my dad will get me off my grandma kinda symbolizing where I come from) But over research and weddings Ive gone to....: The mother of the bride should wear something comfortable because its your day but its her day too since you are her daughter and its the best day of your life, you dont want her fussing about it. Just how you should be comfortable with your dress. About color, I would suggest she can compliment your wedding but, to not be the exact colors maybe just a different shade that way you can make her stand out from your bridesmaids. and it would look great in pictures!!!! Good luck!!!

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She should wear a neutral color. My Mom wore a light goldish color. It doesn't have to be long, it depends on the wedding. A cool tradition I've seen before is the bride's mother wears pink and the groom's mother wears blue.
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