What does the father of the groom wear?
My (almost) mother in law asked today if her husband should be fitted for a tux to match the wedding party. His dad isn't in the wedding. I've never thought about it, but traditionally what does the father of the groom wear? I really don't want to be rude, but I don't feel as if his Dad should be as formal as the wedding party (but maybe I'm wrong). My dad is wearing a tux but that's because he's walking me down the aisle. Should his father wear a tux? I thought he would just wear a nice suit, but I'm not sure. Whats your opinion and what are you guys doing?

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Any wedding I've been to where tuxes were involved, the father of the groom wore one also. Think about it this way...the moms attire is normally of the same formality so the dads should be too.

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I've seen both... father of the groom in a tux... and some in a nice suite. If he and the FMIL aren't walking down the aisle as part of the procession than why waste money on a tux? But if they are then I would say definitely have him get fitted for a tux so it's all uniform. :)

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We are having both my FFIL and my Brother(who is giving me away) in tuxs. We just have them a different color than the best man and grooms. We are doing chocolate tuxedos, FH is wearing ivory vest/tie, best man and ring barrier are wearing dusty rose vest/tie, brother and FFIL are wearing chocolate vest/tie. That way everyone ties in together but my bro and FFIL aren't in the same colors.

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Not that you have to follow it, but here is some etiquette advice similar to your situation:

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@chell - I love your idea! Very nice way to tie it all together yet still distinguish everyone.

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it depends on how formal the wedding is but if he wants to wear one i would let him

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I was confused about this too, at first. But my parents told me it is pretty traditional for the fathers of the bride AND groom to both wear tuxedos if the wedding party is. We're doing something similar to chell. All the of the wedding party will be in black tuxes, but FH will be wearing a white tie/vest, groomsmen and ushers will wear yellow tie/vest, and my dad and groom's dad will wear black tie/vest. Will look nice, but like Karen said, will still distinguish everyone.

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My personal thought it would look better in pictures if he's wearing a tux. But since he's not in the wedding processional a suit be ok if he doesn't want to wear a tux.

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a tux

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the father of the groom does usually wear a tux. my ffil is kind of a big guy so he can wear a suit if he wants... hell, my dad can wear a suit if he wants! just leave it up to him

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I think either is ok. I gave my dad the choice of wearing a tux or a suit. Since he'd just spent a load of cash on new suits he opted to wear one of his suits. My FHs father is deceased so there was no other father to compare his clothes too.

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I was going to let FIL wear whatever he wanted, but MIL decided he should wear a tux. He rented the same kind of tux as my dad.

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Both fathers of the bride and groom wear tuxes . . . step-fathers as well. Usually, they've gotten the same tux as the wedding party. You can give them a different color vest of you like. Make sure you specify the tie and vest type and color to your tux rental shop. Or, if you have no preference, make sure you let them know that they can pick whatever they want. I am going to ask the mothers to get a dress that goes with the wedding and bridesmaid's color schemes. I'd like for the dad's vests to match their wife's dresses.
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A Tux is proper. Also if he will be in the formal photos just a suit would look out of place.
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