What do you say?
My shower is in about 3 weeks and alot of ladies have asked FH and I what we want/like the most on our registry. I feel bad telling them what we want. It's like, "Hey, go buy me something!" Let alone tell them WHAT to buy... My own friend said I was too nice and I should just tell people what to get me. The registry is for that purpose IMO.

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i would just say you being there is the best gift, if you need another idea go to our registry. we picked everything out on there and would love anything you pick!!

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I have a hard time with the gifts/parties part of this process too as I don't want to impose on people. Ask FH as traditionally the dudes are a little less shy about this kind of thing (at least mine is).

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I think the registry is for that purpose too. I do tell people that I really just want them to be there (because it's true). In the end, we will still buy the unpurchased items for ourselves because we would like to have them regardless. They care enough to buy something. I really don't think you should tell people what you want them to get off of the list. If people don't know about the registry, you can always mention it.

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Thats exactly what I say. Having them there IS the true gift. Lol, Rae-mine is too.

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Certain registries allow you mark your favorite items that way you won't have to say a word.

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I agree - I only put things on the registry that we really want/need down to the smallest price range. Anything received from our registry will be a treasured gift.

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my mom did the same on the weekend, she said can you please pick some big ticket items so a bunch of us can go in and get what you really want.

So Im going to pick a bed frame I think?

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I feel weird, too...so I say "no gift is necessary, we just want you there", but they KNOW I have a registry because they are asking about it so it makes me feel bad :(
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